Contacted Dana Capital, DBA Platinum Real Estate Funding in southern California. Buying three different properties and offered 100% financing situation. Started loan process in first week of September. Called and emailed and never given any definitive information. I was on the clock since I had closing dates. Wasted my time and when I finally received Good Faith Estimate in mid-October, with really high unreasonable fees and charges. Also, interest rate quoted at beginning much lower then actually rate offered 6 weeks later. Oddly, GFE was dated November 1, 2005. Appears that PRE wasn't planning on giving me the GFE until November. By that date I would have been forced to take their offer and exhorbitant fees or lose my deposits or properties or both. Did application over the phone so I couldn't prove to Department of Consumer Affairs that they violated law that indicates you should receive GFE within 3 days of filling out loan application, I received it after 6 weeks. Really need to watch these guys.