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    Land Express Int

    Has anybody heard of this it was posted on career builders.
    Hello Michael,

    Good day!

    My name is RUSSELL FLICKINGER and I'm a Personnel Director,Personnel Department in
    Land Express Int. I have already looked your resume over several times and it is
    safe to say that you meet our main requirements for this position.
    Nevertheless we must give you a trial peiod to check your skills
    and diligence. The trial period is not a contest, it is a training
    before a very serious work.

    Here is the general information about our company and the
    merchandise forwarding service...

    Over the past five years, Land Expressx Int. has emerged as the leading
    innovator in the merchandise forwarding service with an
    approach focused on European and Asian customers. Land Express Int. is
    headquartered in London, UK, and has several sales and
    service offices throughout the Europe and CEMEA countries
    (Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan).

    The US take-up of Internet trading is much higher than in
    the Europe. Many Internet auctions and stores in the United
    States of America do not ship the products overseas. As the
    result thousands of customers in Europe and Asia are not able
    to access the large market and purchase high-quality
    merchandise at so low prices. Land Express Int. provides European and Asian
    customers with US and Canada street addresses that can be used
    as the shipping addresses. Then our merchandise managers
    forward the packages to the country where the customer
    is located. It is the same if they had relatives or friends
    in the United States and could ask them about such service.

    But not so many Europeans have friends and relatives in the
    United States. Our service is in the evergrowing demand.
    Today we have 15 merchandise managers on the territory of the
    United States and Canada but quantity of our customers
    increases and we plan to expand.

    About your responsibilities...

    You will receive merchandise (portable computers and digital
    cameras mainly). Usually the packages are delivered by FedEx,
    UPS, USPS or Airborne Express.

    You have to report to your personal manager as soon as delivered
    and tell him the package weight. It is necessary to calculate the
    shipping charges. Then you pick up Western Union money transfer or
    get a prepaid shipping label from your personal manger
    and ship the packages according the instructions. And it is also
    very important to report your manager at every step.

    This is the main general information about this position, you
    will find out the details from your personal manager later.

    Please, provide us with the
    following details to get started...

    We need a scanned copy of your documents to verify that you live at
    current street address and that you are already an adult. There are
    two simple reasons for this.

    First of all, we have already encountered problems when merchandise
    manager candidates gave us the fake street addresses or the address of
    the neighbor. As the result all the merchandise was stolen and lost.
    We had to contact local police departments to investigate such cases.
    From now on we ask EVERY candidate for the scanned copy of documents that
    may prove the provided personal information. If you have moved to a new
    address, and the DL still has the old address, then you can send electric
    or phone bill with the new address.

    Secondary, we do not hire people under 21. You may scan your DL or
    passport. It is up to you. We recommend blacking out the Social Security
    and Driver License numbers. There is a risk that someone else can gain
    access to the e-mail and steal this private information. We just need to
    see your full name and Full Street address on this copy.

    The information must look like this form. It is highly important
    to write these details like an example, because it will be
    automatically transferred to our postal data base. It is so important
    because we receive hundreds of resumes and it is the easiest way for
    us to record your data in our postal database.

    Full name / Full home address
    E-mail address
    Home phone / Cell phone / Work phone

    Example (how your form MUST look like):

    George Brown / Main Street 7, Chicago, IL, 12345
    [email protected]
    123-123-0000 / 567-567-0000


    Please, be free to ask me any questions. I am always glad to clarify.

    Thank you for reading this document,
    I hope that you will join our team.
    I wish you good luck.

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    Re: Land Express Int

    HELP. I cant find anything on this place and after this email and reading off your site for the last 2 days I now know this is a scam. Please tell what information will help and I will send it if I have it. Here is another email from him. This is what really set me off was his email changed to a yahoo email thought that was a little fishey. This is from the office manger That russell guy never emailed me back it was this guy.

    our website is www.landexx.com

    We have some technical problems now, so it's unreachable at this moment.

    I give you my word that our company is 100 %.

    As I told you before, besides the packages with the merchandise and other products you will receive the financial

    correspondence for our customers. You have to collect all envelopes and report to the manager.

    All letters must be also forwarded to the customers according to the instructions. Your manager

    will let you know when.Please proceed to the shipping right now.

    I really count on you.

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    Re: Land Express Int

    Ok I got some more info from them here it is

    Corporate Headquarters

    Land Express International.

    651 Fulham Road

    London, United Kingdom SW6 5PZ

    General Tel(Fax): +44-20-8181-6085

    Business Hours (GMT Time):

    Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 6:30 pm

    Saturday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
    I looked it up on google and it comes up with this.

    Welcome to Wide Express InternationalPlease Mail the completed Form to:. Wide Express International Attn: Form 1583 651 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5PZ, United Kingdom,
    Here is there ip it does not work

    Here is the web site it sent me to

    Account for domain winnsdns.com has been suspended

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    Re: Land Express Int

    That address is for an Antiques shop, so it's clearly bogus.

    The UK telephone number 020 8181 6085 doesn't seem to have any references to it that I can find.

    Their website is hosted on by managed.com who are a known safe haven for spammers and scammers. Fways.net is also on the same server and is another scam site.

    Looking at the nameservers for that site, I see xxxdns.biz which is in the Ukraine.

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    Re: Land Express Int

    I am curious how it was decided that this was a bogus company. I don't see any supporting facts being related.

    First, just because one scam is registered with an ISP doesn't mean "everyone" registered with that ISP is a scam. That's overgeneralization.

    Did mjob2206, reply to a job posting on CareerBuilder.com and receive this response or was it an unsolicited job offer? Did mjob2206, reply to any of the emails and what did they say?

    Where and how did you find the Corporate Headquarters address and phone number? They could have the same address as the antique shop, there are a lot of companies, legit companies, that work from another floor of the same building.

    Just wondering about how you came up with the decision that this company is a scam. What kind of Scam do you believe they are? What is the scam they are running? Did they require any fees to be paid? Is there any expense out of your pocket?

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