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Ok...I wanted to at least provide some thoughts on the subject to you...the mod is wanting to ban me again and I am getting really tired of it. I wanted to respond to this subject, however, before it was too late! One of the things that is important to me is justice, a sense of fair play. I want potential victims to be protected, I want the weaker among us to be shielded, and I want everyone to have a fair shot at the dream of this country, the American Dream. It is alive and well and being discovered every day by new arrivals to this country.

The Eastern Indians and Pakis, the Orientals...these groups are routinely victimized by other minority groups because of their culture of success. They come to this country and they SHINE. Are they smarter? Not really. They come from stable nuclear families where respect for their elders, respect for their peers, and respect for themselves is taught from birth. They have a strong moral and ethical foundation, based on religious teachings.

The hispanics who come to this country...many of them risk their LIVES to get here, just to have the opportunity to have a better life, a wonderful and rewarding life. They come here and cannot believe that work is so plentiful and that they are paid so well in comparison to where they come from. They bring their families with them...they have extremely close knit families, very traditional. The man is the 'head' of the household but it is understood by most that the woman makes it go. They have very deep religious beliefs and a strong sense of right and wrong.

In America, liberals are in the process of outlawing religion. It doesn't matter if you believe me or not, there are entire books dedicated to the subject. Maybe they don't even know they are doing it. What liberalism stands for does not allow for a moral code. Moral codes originate with religion and the two cannot co-exist. When Muslims, for instance, look at our culture from the outside they are insulted. They are disgusted by the casual decadence of our culture. Guess what? So are the adults of every other ethnic group that comes to this country. So are many of the adults who live in this country. So am I.

Hollywood and the TV culture is the direct pipeline from the liberal agenda to your home and to homes, now, around the world. Is there an answer? Not really. People are always going to want to have fun, so at least a lot of people, mostly young people, will be smiling as we slide into the muck. They have never known another way. Some of us, however, will be old enough to remember Christmas mornings, two parent families, kids hanging out without drinking or drugs, all night dances without extasy, schools without metal-detectors, Songs about love instead of sex or violence, losing ones virginity as a big deal,when crotch-grabbing was considered obscene and might get you arrested.

So, what does this have to do with the above questions? And why does it "kill me" to watch the implosion of the black community? Because justice is important to me, a sense of fair play. Everyone should have an opportunity to pursue the American Dream. Right? The only ethnic group in this country who is not in pursuit of it right now is the African-Americans. This is because of their leaders moral corruption and the craven and evil collusion of liberals and their media.

ok......maybe i've been too hard on you!!i see the same things(problems) you do.but where we differ is in solutions.just think of the word solution.melting pot.all for one and one for all!!how is that acheived!?dont you see the political wars as nothing more than wide swings of the mark!?ever hear of the middle road!?there are always goin ta be extremists!!the fear that they might become mainstream is a political or religious SCARE!!balance will lead to acceptance of the best for all.break that balance and you break apart the union.you may make yourself a perfect man,but to demand that all do like you is the foolish cry of insecurity and selfishness no matter how justified and well versed............LEXX!!.........what!?you just kicked your own A S S!!.......OH!!!....that's bad!? :p :rolleyes: