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    Watch out for Gary Baker - Jem Publishing

    Paid $297 for no Coaching, Attempted Fraud, Will not respond.
    Jem Publishing Address:
    37 Thayers Gull Dr.
    Martinsburg West Virginia 25401
    Phone Number: 304-262-8553

    I paid $297 for 4 coaching sessions. Before coaching begin, he attempted to sell me one of "his" businesses. See email below.

    "After thinking about your situation and the way the bidding ended so abruptly with out you really having a chance it got me to thinking... I purchased a very profitable online biz 6 months ago for $6995.00. You can check it out here... www.jempublishing.com/infokit.htm

    It's been a great income generator, however in the past 3 months, I've not had the time to really push it. Here's what I'll do you for you Jim: I'll give you the entire biz, product, website, ads, domain, (create-simple-info-products.com) and 6 months of my coaching. I'll let this all go to you for ONLY $2250.00. This is the best I can do for you. A quality, pro web business for a fraction of the cost. Let me know asap if you want this and I'll set it up for you.

    Wishing You The Best,

    A search on Google came up with this address: http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/56948 The same product with Master Resale Rights is being sold for $5. "When I sent email saying I wasn't interested in that business and wanted a refund for the coaching that never took place, here was his reply:

    First off... Do NOT send me an email with insults you knucklehead. I don't know where you get off with this attitude. Whatever you found is pure J.U.N.K. My coaching fees are NOT refundable.

    Then the subsequent email from me.

    "Hello Gary, This is my third request for a refund of the $297 paid for coaching that did not occur. I quote you below:

    "Whatever you found is pure J.U.N.K.
    My coaching fees are NOT refundable.

    If it is truly J.U.N.K., then why would you charge me $2,250 for it and more to the point, why would you say you paid $6,995 for it.
    You lost my trust.
    Now, I am making a simple reasonable request. I have just bought the domains www.internetmarketerscam.com and www.onlinemarketerscam.com Can you guess who will be featured the first month and then in the archives forever? Hopefully, that won't be necessary and we can settle this amicably. Looking for your response.

    So far, no response. Paypal has been no help either so I will request a chargeback on my credit card. What do they call a person who takes someone else's money without giving any service or product in return?

    John :eek:


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    Re: Watch out for Gary Baker - Jem Publishing

    I can attest to what others have posted both here and other scam-related sites.

    My upfront total investment with Gary is a whopping US$3,244 (August, 2009). He didn't preform anywhere near what was initially promised (Web Biz Program) and now totally ignores emails and refund requests.

    I'll be taking this matter to the: Office Of the West Virginia Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division.

    In addition, I'll be seeking a Lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis where Gary resides: Martinsburg, WV. 25405.

    Should you wish further info as to my experience, feel free to email me. Thanks...

    ~ Darryl Ruff
    [email protected]

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    Re: Watch out for Gary Baker - Jem Publishing

    Watch out for Gary Baker Jem Publishing

    He almost got $2000 from me but I did a charge back before the time limit had expired.

    He is full of lies and empty promises and is a crook and a thief. How long it he going to get away with it?

    Someone needs to do something to stop him as he will just keep ripping people off.

    C Hansen

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