I highly suggest that we all email this to whoever we know, and post in as many forums, newsgroups etc that we can (without spamming of course). This should prevent others from getting scammed by this jerk. Please help us stop Bryan Mardsen by post and sending this to people you know.


There is another serious scam making the rounds on the internet. It is the brainchild of one Bryan Marsden a British fellow who is operating from Malaysia. He was recently busted running a scam called PIPS which ripped off tens of thousands of internet users. The total amount lost is not yet clear as Bank Negara Malaysia has not yet completed its investigation and released a report but it will likely be in the millions of $$$.

Information on the scams that this fellow has run and about the millions of dollars he has stolen can be found at: http://www.talkgold.com/forum & http://www.scam.com

He is now proposing to run a lottery, while he waits to see if he will be tried for his previous activities. He can't leave Malaysia as his passport has been revoked and his funds have been frozen so he is desperate to raise cash.

Lotteries require licensing and it is not likely that Marsden has obtained a license from any jurisdiction. That has never stopped him before. It is highly unlikely that the winners will be paid given Marsden's history of scamming on a grand scale.

Please ignore any solicitations to join his programs. Please forward this message to all your internet contacts, and post on any public forums that this may relate to so they will not be taken in by this criminal. He is preheating as we speak and has not yet posted a url for his latest scam. It is entirely possible that the authorities will get wind of it and shut him down before the launch day arrives.

Remember do not join anything connected to Bryan Marsden, PIPS, PICPAY, PIPSAID or anything recommended by these entities. They are scams.

More information on the internet users who are trying to stop this criminal can be found at:

Also, do a google search for Pips Scam, and Pips forum.