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    Question for Autosurfers

    There's something that I think needs to be cleared up. Is an investment autosurf a scam before or after it runs off with your money? In other words, was a program like EstrixSurf perfectly okay up until it ran away, and only THEN when it ran did it turn into a horrible scam? Or was it a ponzi scam since day one? If you think the former, please explain your position.

    My take on it: The whole "As long as *I* get paid" outlook is incredibly selfish and naive. Autosurf owners, no matter how highly some of you elevate them, know what they're getting into from the day they start the program. Every single investment autosurf you see now is going to end like the others. Some will make excuses that members, desperate for money, believe and defend; no matter if they're the most ridiculous excuses you've ever heard. Some members will defend the program up until its last second. In other words... autosurfs are scams even before they start to crumble. They're inherently fraudulent and deceptive.


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    Re: Question for Autosurfers

    Not an autosurfer but of course autosurfs are scams from the moment they start, SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST TOO DUMB TO REALIZE IT.

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    Re: Question for Autosurfers


    I am pretty surprised no autosurfer could answer. Kind of only proves my point...

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