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    Re: News!!! Studio Traffic Ponzi Scam Officially Dead!!!!

    StudioTraffic recently opened up an office here in Canada and they are currently hiring.

    We Are Hiring (bottom of page)

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    Re: News!!! Studio Traffic Ponzi Scam Officially Dead!!!!

    We Are Hiring (bottom of page)
    They are hiring - YES - we know that. They just formed more than 100 new sales teams (or whatever is that number). Just a quick note. Who do you think was 'seeking' to be in these sales teams. Please scratch you head very hard now.

    More importantly, how long do you think somebody will work without pay, a month, 2, 3, or 4.

    We also now that they are still paying but to who only - guess what, we know that too.

    Well enough is enough, I have to see it to believe it..

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    Re: News!!! Studio Traffic Ponzi Scam Officially Dead!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Confomercial
    What's sad is your vicious yet pathetically ineffective attempt at retaliation. it's neat how truth and honesty exchange for the predictable reward of an english-is-not-my-first-language comeback.

    It's beautiful and ironic how we only say but what we are, and you, sir, have defined your own existence. "You have no idea what you(')r(e) talking about" because of the "Poor sad little man that you are."

    However, the mods on scam.com just snicker at them because they are slightly amusing but not applicable in their case. You are a bit like a really stupid dog with rabies in a cage that just bit someone's leg and is now in a steel cage, snapping your unwelcome jaws at passerby. just the simple fact that the mods aren't stealing from the poor to pad their bank accounts puts them far above scammers like you. You, sir, need to straighten up your act and get a life, please. Thank you.
    Your post has errors in both grammar and syntax, as well as a hideous run on sentence. However I do think it would be foolish to entirely dismiss your opinion merely for flawed presentation. This is not the place for anyone to preach perfect english. So argue the issue, not the words.

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