Investors beware! A business opportunity calling itself “World Imaging Products” or “American Ink” or “Imaging Products Group” appears to be just another name for a money loosing proposition that has been going on for several years now. They have used these names in the past: Holiday Ink, Holiday Enterprises Inc., Holiday Ink4less, Holiday Ink 4 Half Price, Holiday Ink Half Price, Inc., Holiday Ink and Toner, Golden Sweepstakes, United Locations of American, Inc., Ink ½ Price., and Quality Imaging Products. Please note that a legitimate company that is also in the cartridge and toner business uses the name “Quality Imaging Products”, so try not to get confused.

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The former President, and probably the founder of this business, and is now a “consultant” for the company is Nick Morrell AKA Richard Morrell AKA Nick Cascario. He served time in prison for fraud in the state of California. His son, Rick Cascario also works at Holiday Ink.

The current President of Holiday Ink in Lew Shwiller. His son, Jason Shwiller also works there. Jason Shwiller use to be a lawyer in the State of Georgia until he was disbarred for cocaine use and the dereliction of his duties in connection with the defense of some indigent clients he represented.

Jerry Germano is President of American Ink, and Nick Morrell owns 51% of American Ink. Jerry Germano was a former Holiday Ink distributor who made very little money as a distributor, so decided to open up American Ink and sell distributorships instead.

You can also write to the Federal Trade Commission, and ask them for complaints that have been submitted about Holiday Ink and Nick Morrell. Do this before you invest.

Cathy Grasso AKA Kathy Grasso AKA Judy Morrell is Nick Morrell’s wife, and runs United Locations of America. Sherri Albano, Andrew Deveau AKA Andrew Levinson, James Sais AKA James Fernandez, Melissa Mahan, Joe Zamora, Jeff Silverman, Bob Spencer AKA Bob Russell, and Bill Hayes have served as marketing agents and/or references for various “business opportunities” sold by Nick Morrell.

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