Good afternoon.

We are glad that you have answered our offer. If you agree to
cooperate with us and agree to accept from us checks then send the
information to this email:

3005 Orion Drive

Thank for attention, your agent Rob Smothers.

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The most widespread questions which ask our firm:
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Who will I get checks from?
You will get checks from our clients, who canís send funds to another
country and can only by check inside the country.

How much will the wages compile?
Your wages will compile 10 percent from the sum of the check. In the
words you get the check, take 10 percent from the sum of the check and
another sum of the check is sent to us (ex: the sum of the check is
4.000 USD, you get 400 USD) you get the money this way from every

Where is, the check cashed?
Charges on cashing the check can be taken from this check. It would be
better if you could cash the check on the day you receive it. To cash
check fast you can use the offices "Fast Check Cash" "Check Cash
Express" and others.

Can cashing services be paid?
Yes, they can; Cashing services can be paid. In this case these
services can be paid from the sum of the check.

How is money transferred by W.U.?
Information about the person who you need to send money to will be
pointed in the e-mail. After you have transferred
money by Western Union you will be given MTCN (Money Control Transfer
Number). It consist of 10 figures. Then you need to send this number
to our e-mail on the same day.

Where should money be taken to pay Western Union fee?
Western Union fee should be taken from the sum of the check.

Western Union system doesnít send more than 3000 USD?
If the sum of the transfer more than 3000 UDS you need to divide the
sum into a fen transfers (it is obligatory) And as it was said above
you need to tell us the numbers of transfers.

Can money be sent by another system?
No, it canít. Transfer can be done either by Western Union.

Who will take pay tax?
Sums of our checks are not more than 5000 USD. Reports are not
included into IRS. Donít worry you wonít have to pay taxes for these
sums of money

How many checks a month can you send and what sum of money?
We can send checks at a rate 50.000 USD, and quantity of checks
depends on their sum.

Will the person have to go anywhere?
Your job wonít be difficult, you wonít have to go anywhere, you can do
everything at home, you donít need invest money.

Are the operation of the company legal?
All the operations of the company are legal and subject to
International juridical system, what is proved by appropriate

What is approximate mages?
Approximate mages a month is 4000-5000 USD, and you will spend minimum

Who is responsible if the clients are not satisfied?
Our company is.

Should we provide with information about our bank account?
We donít need any information about your bank account.