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    Re: internet secrets 3500weekly.com - scam?

    Many people accuse Internet Secrets to be a scam. On IM Report Card, the program gets a B rating from 4 users, but they could also be the owners and friends of the owners, so that information is not reliable. I am unsure, to this day, whether the program is actually making anyone a single dime.

    This is my experience so far:

    In November, I joined the program, thinking this was my answer to making some money online. I paid the cost of the domain and hosting, with Gate.com, which was only about $17USD. My website took over one week to be built and when it came back, it looked unprofessional in every way possible. It was not appealing and the only navigation to the 300+ web pages (344 in total), was through a "Site Map", which no one would likely click on. Randy always kept in close contact with me, replying to every e-mail I sent. (There were countless over about 6 months). I constantly had to re-send e-mails though because I would get one word or one short sentence responses and some questions were not addressed. This is part of the reason why I left the program. The other part of the reason was that half a year went by and NOT ONE SINGLE PENNY showed up in EITHER one of my Clickbank or Google Adsense Accounts. Randy said he would re-link my site pages to boost it, but I think this was just to keep me sending money. I find it hard to believe that there is no real advertising being done, as promised. The 300+ web pages are not backlinked, as I learnt, so there was no hope to earn any money at all. Now, the program uses a 10-year hosting plan for $57USD. Maybe, Gate.com banned Internet Secrets. Randy would not give me any information such as the new hosting account details, when I had my Gate.com account closed. This is a red flag.

    In conclusion, you likely will go through the same path I went through, waiting day after day for a single penny. Do not waste your time or money.

    If anyone has made what the program promises, then please let this forum know and show some payment proof. Otherwise, this program remains in the reputation of a "scam".

    My overall rating:
    F - Fail
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    Re: internet secrets 3500weekly.com - scam?

    This site is a 100% bona fide SCAM. I bought the delux package of 10 websites for $200AU and was the stupid enough to ** a 'Search Engine Visibility' package for another $170. The sites I got are crap. there are three banner adds (only) on them and one does not work. That's the same three adds on 300 pages. The search engine visibility program has a diagnostic function. LOL it brought up 3000+ fatal errors with the websites (built ** the same company) and basically these sites will never make me a cent without an enormous amount of work. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM , SCAM. I would have had more chance buying 200 $2 lottery tickets than giving my money to these mongrels. :zx11pissed:

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    Re: internet secrets 3500weekly.com - scam?

    Well...It's 2013 and these guys are still at it. "Fat Checks with Google and Clickbank". Randy and Jean Jett. They also advertise under "Internet Secrets". I signed up with them 4 weeks ago. 1 Website and 4 domains. There were so many red flags right from the getgo. They change the name of their programs often. When Adsense turned me down for an account I knew something was terribly wrong. My site was pitiful. I wrote to Randy and expressed my concerns and also told him what I had found out here under "Internet Secrets 3500 weekly." Told him I had already notified ClickBank and wanted a Refund. Funny thing is...I have never received a Refund so fast in my life. Boom! 1 day and the money was back on my card. Amazing! This is quite the mother and son business. These two are slick. So...be careful out there....
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    Re: internet secrets 3500weekly.com - scam?

    Wow, they just rebranded to the7daytest.com.

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    Re: internet secrets 3500weekly.com - scam?

    I never heard of this program, but when a company/person promises that you make X amount in X amount of time, you need to run the other way. No one can make such promises because it all relies on your effort.

    I suggest you get on Internet marketing forums and learn the ins and outs of IM, buy a legit IM course (you'll learn on the forums what's legit and what's not), or learn for free from reputable online sources.

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