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    Re: Post what you have recieved from "freebie" sites here...!

    The answer to your question regarding paid online surveys is the fact that it's not a matter of how many survey companies you join? But joining the "Right" companies. Donna & I bought a list of 500 companies for $39.95 on the internet and ironically only "18" of these companies turned out to be "Legitimate" Cash paying survey companies.

    Believe it or not we "actually" joined all 500 companies which took us months of hard work and literally 1,000's of junk mail to narrow down. But, it was worth our time and not because we make a lttle bit of money each month off our e-book sales, but now we have the opportunity to choose all paid online surveys everyday and still receive free products each week to evaluate and they actually pay us for our online opinion.

    Beware of "FREE" paid survey sites advertisement. These people make money off referrals each time someone joins by clicking the referral link and most of these companies send you "junk mail" everday! Most of these people have no idea how to Qualify and complete a paid survey, they just want your referral payment.

    If your not sure before joining any company, set-up a "junk email" account and "try your luck!"

    We Do charge a one-time fee for this e-book, which gives you the exact information that you need to get started for making money with paid online surveys.


    Phillip & Donna Chambley


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    Re: Post what you have recieved from "freebie" sites here...!

    MacBook Pro
    MacBook Pro
    MacBook Pro
    Sony Viao
    46" Sony Plasma
    42" Panosonic Plasma
    $1700 check
    Bowflex Sport
    Dell Desktop
    $500 paypal
    $500 Card
    $500 Cash
    Surround Sound $400
    $250 check
    $250 visa
    $250 Visa
    60 GB Ipod
    Ipod Nano
    Rocky DVD Collection

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