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Thread: Bush is great

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    Re: Bush is great

    Quote Originally Posted by Schnaps
    Most of students in Russia have a quite rough notion about what really the 'Taliban' is... Has read something, heard something somewhere... And as result just a scraps of information, complete mess and stupid myths... Like everywhere in the world...

    Can you explain me what the 'Taliban' is without googling it?
    The Taliban is a Wahhabi Islamist and Pashtun nationalist movement which effectively ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, despite having diplomatic recognition from only three countries: the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

    We, in the US know the Taliban as the rulers of Afganisatn who aided Osama Bin Laden by providing safe harbor in their country.

    I asked you to document where President Bush thought the Taliban was a Rock Group.

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    Re: Bush is great

    Schnaps, but everyone in Russia knows, that it is the terrorist organization but NOT THE ROCK GROUP!
    When I was a student a couple of my student mates preferred reading 'Yes!' instead of finding out what the 'Taliban' is... A lot of children here do not know who Lenin is, a part of them nowadays thinks he's a dead rock musician...
    You can only claim that we are little more interested in investigating the world around than americans are but it's consequence of differences in education systems...
    Though I can agree that Bush must know everything about the world since he's taken over... If you can't handle your task you must look for another job...
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