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    BushCo's Iraq Makes Saddam's Look Utopian

    Iraq's Armed Forces Sinking Into Sectarian Chaos

    by Jim Lobe

    While the George W. Bush administration launches a campaign to persuade the public that an accelerated buildup of Iraqi security forces will permit substantial numbers of U.S. troops to begin returning home next year, recent reports from Iraq suggest that the security forces and their sectarian make-up are themselves contributing to the country's destabilization.

    A spate of articles in the mainstream U.S. media since the discovery two weeks ago by U.S. troops of a secret underground prison in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, where some 170 Sunni Arab men and boys had been subjected to torture and ill-treatment, has detailed the existence of death squads in the largely Shi'ite police and special commandos or operating with their support.

    These units appear to be under the control of two sectarian militias that have successfully infiltrated the state security forces the Iranian-trained Badr Organization, the armed wing of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI); and the Mahdi Army, which is led by the Shi'ite nationalist politician, Moqtada al-Sadr.

    Operating through or with the Iraqi security forces, the two groups, which are themselves rivals, have abducted, tortured, and executed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Sunni males, according to front-page reports that have appeared this week in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Knight Ridder newspapers.

    "Hundreds of accounts of killings and abductions have emerged in recent weeks, most of them brought forward by Sunni civilians, who claim that their relatives have been taken away by Iraqi men in uniform without warrant or explanation," the New York Times reported Tuesday.

    "Some Sunni males have been found dead in ditches and fields, with bullet holes in their temples, acid burns on their skin, and holes in their bodies apparently made by electric drills. Many have simply vanished."

    The motives for the abductions are mixed, according to the reports. In some cases, they appear directed against suspected insurgents or their supporters. In others, they seem designed to "ethnically cleanse" certain neighborhoods. In still others, they appear aimed at achieving revenge for decades of discrimination and repression by the Ba'athist regime, which generally privileged Sunni citizens.

    In any case, the repression that is now directed against the Sunni community by the police and commandos and their sectarian auxiliaries threatens the Bush administration's newly-touted plans to reduce the U.S. military presence from nearly 160,000 to less than 100,000 troops over the next year by rapidly expanding the size and capabilities of Iraq's security forces to fight the largely Sunni insurgency on their own.

    In a major policy address today at the U.S. Naval Academy designed to convince an increasingly skeptical public that he has a viable "exit strategy" from Iraq, U.S. President George W. Bush is expected to stress the key role that Iraqi security forces, currently estimated at just over 200,000, will play in assuring the nation's stability and defense.

    But the perception that those security forces about 110,000 of which are controlled by the Interior Ministry are in fact acting against Sunnis on behalf of Shi'ite political parties will likely only fuel the insurgency, despite new U.S. efforts to persuade Sunnis that their interests will be protected, according to the reports.

    "[The abuses] undermine the U.S. effort to stabilize the nation, and train and equip Iraq's security forces the Bush administration's key prerequisites for the eventual withdrawal of American troops," said the Los Angeles Times in a lengthy article that noted that U.S. military advisers in Iraq, as well as the Interior Ministry's inspector general, concurred that "death squads" were indeed operating within the security forces.

    (continued here)

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    Re: BushCo's Iraq Makes Saddam's Look Utopian

    Oh yeah dchristie, articles from ANTIWAR.com are going to be very unbiased and speak only the truth.

    The article you post uses the words appear and perception, neither of which indicate fact.

    You title to the thread is misleading even to lead into the title of the article you posted.

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    Re: BushCo's Iraq Makes Saddam's Look Utopian

    Considering the lead in title of this thread, I disagree.
    There is NO COMPARISION to the complexion or intent of us now being in
    Iraq versus when Saddam's regime was in power.
    I don't like it that we got involved there, although I feel that there was
    some good reason that there had to be intercession to stop the crimes
    against people being commited there.
    I was never, and even now, am not convinced of WMD's.
    Someone said recentely that they thought they had them at one time;
    gassing of Kurds and Iranians, in that war. But used them all up. So, that
    wasn't a stockpile, like was suggested.
    Anyway, I don't like the way President Bush and cabinet is handling things
    there, mainly in the proper equipping of our military people, their support
    and updating and adjusting for developing combat conditions.
    Also, I am suspicious that there is some Pork or Corporate buisness
    payoff situations being taken care of. My opinion of course... stringent
    investigation would be required to reveal the truth and facts of this matter.
    There will be review and answering for situations and circumstances of
    this war, in the aftermath, in this regard... Will last for years.
    I think some unbelievable things will come out of this. That is, what
    escapes cover up attempts. But then someone is bound to slip some-
    where, and we will know the truth. Some of it will be unbelievable and
    absolutely shameful for us as a nation.
    I am already ashamed for the Abu Grab situation. It tells you the nature
    of some of our "fellow americans". I see some of it expressed on this
    forum as well... dame tendencies, ideals, that would'nt be nice to be
    allowed to be exercised, unleashed outside of the law.
    The other crimes, atrocities, mentioned? In any established, heavily
    populated nation, there is on the surface, more or less obvious, known
    to the public, so to speak, of the every day matters present and
    occuring in a nation. We heard enough of this about Iraq (what we were
    allowed to hear through the media; which I fear is tainted by "spin") before
    we went in there.
    What we didn't know was what was brewing under the surface of that seeming, seething pesthole of a place. There were then, as now, alll sorts of
    interest, factions, jockying for positions of power, in regard to political,
    religioun and money... probably the three main issues of humanity's down-
    fall for thousands of years.
    Some of this was being held back by the then in power regime; Saddam
    of course. But even then, he lacked total control. These same interest
    factions were squabbling, fighting, killing then. ANy power structure can
    only manage, control only so much!
    But when we went in there and changed the entire power structure of
    the nation and left the gates hanging open, so to speak. All these factions
    had a field day, as they continue to now.
    We cannot directly prosecute a war and totally contain the entire tendencies,
    desires, intentions of the populace. Especially when factions see this to
    their advantage and go into action.
    These then are the times, occasion, when old scores are settled from the
    major groups, factions, for power, authority struggles, all the way down to
    the person to person level. Old scores are settled, based on grudges,
    feuding and owing of money or other actual or imagined wrongs. And many
    individuals summarily take the opportunity to do so. As they feel like
    their "crime" will be concealed beneath all the other turmoil that is taking
    place. And this usually works.
    Consider for instance New Orleans and the Gulf area after hurricane
    Katrina: there were many deaths then. Still many bodies being found.
    How many does anyone suppose were not direct victims of the storm,
    but were various sorts of crime issues? That was on a small scale as
    compared to our entire nation.
    What does anyone suppose would transpire here if our government and
    law authorities lose control?

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    Re: BushCo's Iraq Makes Saddam's Look Utopian

    Quote Originally Posted by coontie
    I don't like it that we got involved there, although I feel that there was some good reason that there had to be intercession to stop the crimes against people being commited there.
    What I find funny is part of the reason we went in to take out Saddam is that he tortured and executed about 140(?) people who attempted to assassinate him.

    Last I recall, we have secret CIA prisons where torture is going on. It's known that there's torture going on in Iraqi prisons now under the new government that's been set in place of the old regime.

    Let me ask you this, what would happen if 140 people tried to assassinate Bush?

    They'd probably all be killed on the spot by Bush's defense team. If they aren't, they'll be thrown in prison at which point they'll most likely be given the death penalty.

    Hell, over in Malaysia an Australian citizen is going to be executed (by means of hanging that'll snap his spinal cord... pretty humane huh?) for drug trafficking even though the Australian government has asked repeatedly that he be given clemency which the Malaysian government does not care to give.

    Why don't we go invade Malaysia too for their barbaric acts? This guy's an Australian citizen and should be punished as such. When an American goes and commits crimes in other countries, he's usually expedited back to the states and punished according to our laws. There's been countless occurrences where American soldiers in other countries like Japan have gotten drunk and run their tank over a young school girl walking home or broken other laws. In that one particular occurrence, the soldier wasn't even allowed to be tried under a Japanese court and their laws.

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