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    Fugitive Recovery Schools

    I won't list any one school, so I'll make this a advisory notice.

    For people wishing to become Fugitive Recovery Agents "BNA Bounty Hunter" here are some thoughts you should be aware of.

    There are alot of cheap on line courses as well as $500 - $1,000 academys.

    1) Ask yourself this, would you hire a bounty hunter to represent your business if he took an on line course ( about $100 and 20 hrs.) ??????

    2) Some academys look real good when you show up for thier orientation. Fancy certificates on the wall, good looking receptionist,guys walking around with badges,floor mats for martial arts training,fancy advertisments on the walls about tactical training (SWAT Posters) ,Baton, Tazer, Pepper Spray, self defense,gun posters, etc........

    * with 10 new students a month at $600 per student. Think about it!!!!

    3) Questions to ask - Do they provide job placement. Be carefull how they word thier response. Mostly just promises.
    Do you have to keep paying for advance training??
    Do you supply your own gas and motel during out of town hunts?
    Is the company insured if you get hurt?
    What is your pay?

    This was only a basic overview. Do your research on fugitiverecovery.com for more info.

    Also, check out http://www.ripoffreport.com/

    P.S. Don't quit your day job , at least for awhile.

    A Fugitive Recovery Agent that finally made it.

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    Re: Fugitive Recovery Schools

    Bounty Hunters should be outlawed; this isn't the 1880's anymore.

    Once they're on the run, it should be up to sworn law enforcement officers *ONLY* to make contact and arrest them.

    It would be fine for PIs to do the leg work and track them down, but that would be the extent of it.

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    Re: Fugitive Recovery Schools

    You must be a law enforcement officer or related to one. So, seeing that you know nothing about bail enforcement or fugitive recovery. And, this is really not the place to argue about it.

    all I can say is go to www.fugitiverecovery.com and post your feelings there. Talk to people in the business, not on a general public "scam site".

    enough said

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