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    ** Notaries ** Newest Illegal/fraudulant Job ? **

    I responded to an and for a mobile notary job on our friend Careerbuilder.com and this is the email I got back...

    Now I am not familiar with others state laws BUT in Arizona a notary is responsible for verifying and identifying a person and their signatrue. The person MUST singn documents INFRONT of the notary inorder for the notary to notarize any document ...... faxed / photo copies of a legal ID is not enough to say the person who signed the document is the person in the ID ...!!!! I am not a signature specialist and have no way of knowing if the signatures are legit

    I for one WILL not be held responsible for any fraudulant activities by this company.

    Once again these people must be smoking crack !!!!

    WATCH OUT !!!!!


    First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Marcia Bouey and I am the President of Escrow Cheque Corporation. You can see our credentials and business references (including AA listing with BBB) on our official website - http://www.escrowcheque.net/company.php. As you can see we have been conducting business for many years, and have an absolutely clean reputation and history.

    Next, let\'s move straight to business. We have been looking to expand into new markets, and finally found an opportunity that not only provides excellent income potential but also corresponds to our main business focus. We are the first company to offer an alternative to mobile notaries. In respect to people\'s privacy all the process can be done by mail. The signed documents will be sent to your home via UPS next-day service (with the return label attached), all you need is place your stamp and register the document with your state (if required by your state) and return to the shipper. Please note that a scan of person\'a Driver License will be faxed to you to keep for your records and to meet the requirements of your state (to show person\'s proper identification). The document list includes but is not limited to Deeds, Power-of-Attorneys etc.

    Please be assured we will ONLY be referring clients from our current 25,000 members. Due to sensitive nature of our main business we TRIPLE verify each person (all aspects of pre-employment screening) before letting him in to eliminate all possibilities of fraud. No documents from newcomers will be sent to you! Anyway, this business does comply with US laws and regulations.

    You will be paid $100 for each processed document. The payment will be released bi-weekly in a form of check, money order or wire transfer (electronic options, such as PayPal are also possible upon request). The number of documents sent to you daily might be between 1 to 15.

    All communication will be provided by the means of email and ICQ instant chat software (during business hours) - this enables us to talk to you in real-time.

    Ofcourse, it would be absurd to charge any \"start-up\" or \"entrance\" fees. This is a \"sign-up and go\" position. In order to apply please send an email to [email protected] confirming your desire to enter the program. We would also ask you to install and register ICQ at www.icq.com (include your new ICQ # in your confirmation email) in order to communicate in real-time.

    We are sure this venture will let you maximize your profits even if you prefer to do it part-time. Thank you and we welcome you aboard!

    Marcia Bouey, President
    Escrow Cheque Corporation.

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    Re: ** Notaries ** Newest Illegal/fraudulant Job ? **

    I agree!! Do things in person. I my self am buying into a mobile notary franchise tommorow and I will no way sign or stamp anything unless I knor for sure it is legit.

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    Re: ** Notaries ** Newest Illegal/fraudulant Job ? **

    I am also a notary and I am bonded way more than I could pay. So I will not stamp anything without watching it be signed. By the way, why can't careerbuilder.com at least try to verify their job post.

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