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    undefinedHello, I'm new here. I just want to know if anyone has heard of and/or tried this work at home opportunity? Is it legitimate or not? I applied on Beyond.com for jobs and they sent me this one as a choice and it is one of those courior type jobs. It is the kind where they send you a check or money order, wire, or transfer to bank account, and then you send the funds via Western Union to another party the same day, and you keep a percentage of the money. Will some one give me their thoughts on this and let me know ASAP if it is legit or not. I've been browsing around and can not find anything negative about them at all. But, I just want to cover my bases here to be sure before I get into anything. Thanks! :o

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunshineDaniels
    ....can not find anything negative about them at all.
    LOL :D you must mean *not find anything at all*

    Now try to think.

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