Has anyone ever encountered a Baja "firm" going by the letters C L I and calling it any one of several names?

Creditline International

Consolidated Logistics International -- unlimited Holdings

C L International and Trust/Private Lenders
this header is followed, to the letter, by (note the spelling):
* Import - Export Specialest *
also: Convalacent Retirement Resort, on de Beach

They claim to have offices in NY, Nevada, Texas, but only one phone number in Baja. They claim to do it all including, investing, selling you a home, financial advising, credit repair, managing the property they sell you, getting financing for you, there is much more. They are operating in Baja, using US banking. Their tactics are characteristic of the classic scam operation but there are actually smart people being taken in by them in Baja. I know a man who refuses to see the red flags that have popped up from minute one but I need to find out how to get him to wake up.

Help! anyone?