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    [HELP] P-P-Powerbook Prank

    After reading the most amusing article Powerbook Prank ( http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Powerbook+Prank ) I have always been careful about selling items.

    I just recently put up an advert on http://www.ad-mart.co.uk/ and have already received 3 distinct offers with P-P-Powerbook trademarks. At first when I received one I believed it. But after receiving 3 offers which are all similar, overseas, asking for final price, etc. then it's just gets this feeling that it's a P-P-Powerbook story again.


    Basically, the actions is in the hands of scam.com

    Should I go ahead and sell a P-P-Powerbook to one of them? If so? I need a grey ring binder, a smashed up keyboard, a broken CDROM drive and a massive Excel 97 book.
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