Hello every one this is my first post here. I wanted to personally put this link up here for everyone to see. This site claims you get quality leads for a small price. The site also claims to be a secure site (LOL). It's actually very funny. Just type in anything (Or nothing at all) and it says "Thank you for your order, bla bla bla. It doesn't even verify your information. I think this site is defiantly a SCAM! Let me know what you guys think. If it is get the word out, if it isn't I apologize.... But I'm sure it's a scam.

Check out the link, and do what I did, fill out the form with some bogus info (Or nothing) and it still says your order went through. Also I've never seen the "secure" word at the beginning before (Unless it's part of the name! (Not an actual secure site)) Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Here it is: