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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    Quote Originally Posted by danielk View Post
    I started my offers back in Dec or Jan. They received my W2 in March. I went on vacation in May and when I got back, I saw the message about sending the affidavit. I called Gadget city and because i didn't send it to them before May 14th, i am disqualified even though i completed all the requirements back in February, March.

    Does that sound right? can they change the requirement that late in the process? In the old terms, it just said the could ask for information should additional information be required by GadgetCity.com for legitimate tax-related purposes or any other reason required by applicable law.
    I seem to remember something about a 60 day requirement to claim your prize...maybe that is where they are disqualifying you.

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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    But they had my certificates by march. I didn't have anything to do except wait on them. The 60 days was me waiting on them.

    is there anything i can do, or did i just waste my time and money?

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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    that sucks. File a complaint with the BBB. Don't remember reading in their terms & conditions on having a time line for additional information. 60 days for the certificates, but not for affidavit additional info. Can't hurt if you file, and it doesn't cost you anything, not sure what prize you got screwed on, but it's definitely worth the time and effort

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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    hey all,

    It's been a while since i posted, busy with work and such.

    Anyway I felt the pain of their new "terms." I received the e-mail and noticed the terms at the beginning of May. These were posted 6 weeks AFTER they received my certificates (thanks usps delivery confirmation). So after 2 weeks of contemplating and reading everyone’s reactions I decided to take Anex’s approach, a long thoughtful e-mail bitching at them. Using his as a template I wrote mine and sent it to them along with my censored drivers license and censored affidavit (got it notarized by a nice lady I know :) .

    Waited a week and a half, no response. Sent again and finally got a response. It was pretty much the same thing that Anex received.

    That was a week and a half ago. Today I checked my account to see my status and presto:

    4 of 4 Approved
    Reward Shipped

    Happy day! I let you all know when I receive my check.


    P.S. We made it Rally Racer!

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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    congrats creef and the rest of you. just checkin in to see how things are doing and it looks like its gotten worse but they are still payin.

    and I love my 360.

    once again, congrats to all.

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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    WooooHooo. Check arrived last friday for $479. Now i can go... well i already have an xbox so i guess i don't need to go buy one but i did buy a wireless guitar for rock band :)

    Good luck everyone,

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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    Is YF Direct still doable? They now have on their site iPhones, Blackberry Storms, the updated MacBooks, oh, just a bunch of stuff. It seems that the computers they have still have Windows XP, but you know they didn't probably refresh the designs.
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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    Wow! That's super cool if that's all true. i would love to try that too. Is the offer still available? Kindly let me know. Thanks a lot!
    a link was here
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    Re: gadget city--new yf direct site

    I was actually looking to see if they have new offers around but so far, there aren't any anymore.

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