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    Re: Is ispeedway.com Business Op legitimate ?

    Curious is your site still active?
    Have you ever seen any other active/successful sites?
    I always got told...it was a privacy policy violation to give out that info???

    seems to me these sites would want added visitation and exposure...duh, my roots aren't blond!
    hope yours is still kicking well!

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    Re: Is ispeedway.com Business Op legitimate ?

    How many of these supposed "success" stories in this thread are actually iSpeedway employees posing as successful iSpeedway site owners?

    I had nothing but trouble with them. Any technical support always came with a "if you upgrade to platinum, you can get more features and products."

    They suck.

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    Re: Is ispeedway.com Business Op legitimate ?

    Quote Originally Posted by mduncan66 View Post
    Ive got lots of free trials that wont scam you, If you want to try something that works, I have found my calling!!! Get paid immediately email to ask how, with NO scam, at [email protected]
    Please DO NOT sign up for ISPEEDWAY, If you want to make money, You Can Earn money today! This is a great rich quick scam! please don't waist your dreams on this one, Email me, I will show you how to earn money!

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    Re: Is ispeedway.com Business Op legitimate ?

    I was called by their marketing people this morning. and informed how I'd not set up my site, after an initial $200 investment over the past month.

    Their marketing guy pressed for an upgrade, to which I declined. He continued to press, asking why I hadn't done more with the site, to which I became annoyed.

    I asked him to connect me to cancellations and all I got was dead space. Not cool. I'm concerned about whether they've got permission to access further funds from my bank account.

    Does anyone know their customer service number to cancel further service or account intrusions? Please advise.


    :madgo: Carter

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