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    GetCashForSurveys.com heard of it?

    anyone do this stuff? I've heard great things about it. If you use this company or a similar one to make $$$. Let me know how your doing. thanks a lot!

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    Re: GetCashForSurveys.com heard of it?

    Looks like all the rest. You pay them money, they send you a list of surveys sites, you join each company etc, etc. You would be smarter to hold on to your money and use a free list. I have a free list of survey companies on my website which can be accessed through my profile. I also explain the truth about surveys on my website and in the message board. You can make a little extra cash and have a lot of fun but you will NOT make $250 an hr 8 hours a day like the website you mentioned implies. I would love to give another full explanation here for you about it all, but it's black friday and I'm exhausted! :)


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    Re: GetCashForSurveys.com heard of it?

    Hello, I had a friend of mine doing a few of them, he said they were all scams, they are a time waster. You should go with that lady that wrote to you. I have lost money on alot of those scams. I hope this helps you. This is where you can make money, if you have a website and you can go to various websites and become an affiliate selling their products. There you would have to be selling a few different products from various websites on your website. Now we are talking!

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