I have a plan. This will not be happening within a week or a month. more of a year or 2. But I am looking for people in CANADA preferably in BC's Lower mainland to join me in a money making opportunity. I want to purchase an apartment buildong costing about $2million one day. Obviously I cant do this myself. So I figured if I rounded up 25-30 people, and we all got to know and trust eachother, we could all invest just $50,000 each into this project and come out with 1 or 2 maybe even 3 of our own condos. Then we can sell them off and make about $500000 each from it. EASY! I know people who are doing this right now. and it works great. After its done, you can split the group up into smaller groups and start again with larger investments. and make more. If you are interested in something like this. let me know. we should keep in touch. I have already started saving the money.