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    International Phonecard Scams.

    I would like to hear from others who wish to make a complaint or have made complaints against international phonecard companies such as the likes of Lycatel and Tele2 who have been ripping off its' customers, myself included, but not any more. Recently I have found that they are not providing the customers with the call time stated on the card and are either a) cutting the time short or the connection is repeatedly disconnected midway through the converstaion, without warning. I rang both companies to make my complaint only to find that 15 minutes later you get through to a call centrer with someone who has limited english, telling me that I have used up the minutes on the card when I know that this isn't so. When requesting to speak to the customer services manager there appears to be some elusiveness about this person to say the least. He can only be contacted by writing to an address in Twickenham and no name of this person can be given. The address given by the call centre in which to make a complaint is: CALLING CARD COMPANY LIMITED, 391 RICHMOND ROAD, TWICKENHAM, LONDON. TW1 2EF If you decide its easier to email the elusive customer services manager to complain about their shoddy service you can also send an email to QUIN@LYCATEL.COM (lower casing).[/U], which name sounded a bit ominous. I then realise that to track whoever is in charge down is going to be a problem as the customer call centre is not allowed to give the name of the customer services manager. Initially when I rang to complain that I had not received the minutes on the phone I was told it would be reported to their technicians and I would be credited within 24 - 48 hours. That was 2 days ago and I still have not been credited. So you can see where I am going with this.

    My question is a) Who are the people behind this multimilliion pound phonecard industry? b) Is it regulated by the telecommunications networks which they use or are they pirating the networks and if so why are they not prosecuted? c) If they are legal then why is the telecommunications network worldwide allowing for this scam to operate. Oh, yes I forgot PHONECARDS is a MULTIMILLION POUND INDUSTRY. Most of their customers are being taken for granted and are not seen as valued because they are from mainly so called third world countries ie Africa and the Caribbean? It would also appear that most of their workers are from Asia, so I am assuming that they are seen as cheap labour. Well, what they should know is that if we should withdraw our patronage they would lose a great deal of money. So they better shape up and stop abusing their customers intelligence. This is major corporate fraud on a large scale and the victims are the consumers.
    Anyhow I shall continue in my complaint against LYCATEL and TELE2 and let you know how I get on. Should anyone else out there have a similar complaint or experience of these phonecards I'd be glad to hear from you. :mad:

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    International Phonecards Are A Multimillion Pound Scam![quote]

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    I'm sure if you say you had problems with those cards, you did........I use phone cards for international calls every week, the only company I had real problems with was Sprint! And a few small problems with lesser known companies.........I've had very good success with VOIP Ent. and TGI, calling South America from the U.S............I would recommend you experiment with different BRANDS not worrying about the mins they claim instead consider what you get when you use them the way YOU would use them!!! Good luck!

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    I believe that the card you were using is an imitation calling card, passing off as a geniune Lycatel branded card. Lycatel liaise closely with the police on such matters as counterfeit cards damage the reputation of a successful organisation.

    I have no affiliation to Lycatel other than I work in the telecoms industry and I am aware of these bogus cards, ruining geniune provider's reputations

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    hi! i have been using these cards from Lycatel for about two years and have used different brands which are owned by Lycatell. all of them rip off minutes and none is true to the advertised minutes.! i wonder if there is any use of complainin to Lycatel because obviously they would know about this since its a problem with all their cards. they are making money this way and they want to do it. the only way to act against them is to complaint to some government agency!

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    Welcome to the forum Nick! Please do get that signature fixed and join the fun. You thoughts are welcome!


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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    Most phone card companies are doing that. I’m in phone card distribution and can tell you for sure that most phone cards provide about 50% of posted minutes. And this is not bad. We just have to accept this as fact of life. What phone card companies are doing are wrong, but completely legal. You can get more info on deceptive marketing practices on http://www.ontariophonecards.ca/phon...ting-practices.
    Only very few low cost calling cards provide 100% of posted minutes and honest minute-by-minute billing.

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    To be fair to Lycatel and the other calling card companies, they’re doing nothing wrong. As far as I can see their Ts and Cs are on their website and posters. At the end of the day, they still offer a great way of calling abroad for less than a standard landline or mobile.
    I’ve used Lycatel calling cards and others over the years and have had no problems – I think they offer great value given the importance of the service they provide me. I’ve had no need to call customer services, but the fact they’re foreign is surely not a bad thing, given most of their customers phoning abroad are probably foreign too? Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I say. As discostu states, there are some “knock-off” cards out there masquerqding as the bigger brands, but with much worse performance – maybe you were unlucky and got sold one of these? Try buying from a different shop next time.

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    They are misleading or lieing to us, and not delivering on minutes they promise.

    I have used over 50 lycatel cards, whilst using around a third of the different named cards they offer (although they are really almost the same thing.)

    They offer '144 minutes', and i get around half if im very lucky.
    There is also a CONNECTION FEE, so each time you call that reduced the minutes, although this doesnt account for all minutes lost.

    They often are poor quality, and the line drops/cuts off for no apparent reason, even when the line is good.
    I have a suspicion they may do this on purpose (or maybe im too suspicious).

    Their customer careline operaters are outsourced to india or somewhere, and are trained to give you no figures of cost per minute, or what the connection fee is.

    Lycatalk is a non-phonecard service, using an account with you phone... and this seems to be better quality and more fair, though it may appear more expensive.

    BUT they DEFINITELY are breaking the law in my eyes. Unfortunately they nearly have a monopoly on the market.
    THE POST OFFICE PHONECARD is also a GOOD VERY RELIABLE alternative. :-) enjoy

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    Re: International Phonecard Scams.

    Digicel is another phone card company I have had the displeasure of dealing with. Most of the cards dont connect you to ur destination number and when you call customer service, they tell you it connected and refuse to talk to you. The rep told me to hold on, then I heard them laughing and he put a spanish speaking person on the phone. Then they block your number and you can't get through to them again unless you call from a different phone. I am sick of these people and someone needs to do something about them. Other people I've spoken to say they have the same issues with customer service.

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