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    Re: Bush Crime Gang Knew They Were Selling Lies

    Here is the lunatic fringe.

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    Re: Bush Crime Gang Knew They Were Selling Lies

    Quote Originally Posted by sojustask
    Can he come as a proxie? Internet connection perhaps?

    If I remember rightly, I think since the day 9/11 happened someone linked OBL and GWB as going to camp together or their parents were friends or something like that. I'm actually surprised that it took this long for a statement like those two being heads of the same company to make it's way here. I expected it a long time ago. LOL.

    A search on that particular question reveals this:





    These Links are about as unbiased as a mother saying her children are smart and beautiful. The connection between the Bin Laden's and both Bush and Clinton are not new news. These all made the rounds long ago. In Fact Kerry is well connected with the Bin Laden's as well. Personally I do not believe that because a family member is trash the entire family is trash. (This may not be the case with the Bin Laden's though)

    My question was "What two companies do Bush and Osama Bin Laden sit on the Board of Directors of and when was the last board meeting Osama Bin Laden atteneded. Even if by proxy.

    It was brought up in this thread and is the way rumors get started. Please provide the proof that any member of the Bush Family currently sits on a board of directors with Osama Bin Laden as was stated by a left leaning poster.

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    Re: Bush Crime Gang Knew They Were Selling Lies

    I'd like to see some proof too. Until proof is shown, the left will be placed back into their little conspiritical box and the Heartland of America will continue to scoff and point at the zoo animals. Good job kooks, keep the lies spilling, it's the quickest way to undo any momentum that you may have had. Crusty D Clown started a thread here stating that Bush knew that he was lying or something like that. Hey NTB, show your proof or you will be the liar!

    If there is no proof in your pocket, then you deserve the same personal attacks that you throw towards my President. If you can lie about him, then I can lie about you; you flaming goof. Bring the proof or shut your smarmy lizard mouth. You are nothing but a smear merchant that uses a viagra pill to get your little brain to circulate blood. You are weak and timid and are willing to sacrafice your country in order to smoke government funded dubeage. You worry more about the rights of a Jose' Padilla (dirty bomber) than the soldiers fighting to protect your freeloading ass. You are truly showing your yellow colors, when you support the rights of the wicked over the rights of the innocent. You are worthless. Spit. Puke. You make me sick! Crusty lies and lies and has no proof. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Empty Handed.

    To get back on topic:

    Bush Crime Gang Knew They Were Selling Lies = No! Threadstarter is the liar folks! :cool:

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    Re: Bush Crime Gang Knew They Were Selling Lies

    New Rules will soon be in affect. Please aquaint yourselves with them.



    Lady Mod

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