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    Dave Espino(infomercial)

    This dave espino selling on E-bay program, does it work? or is it a scam?

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    Re: Dave Espino(infomercial)

    The dudes got a pretty bad name over the internet, you should check a fiew places including right here in a search the forums search on him, ive heard some things on him and seen the infomercial several times, but im not gonna cast stones at this without knowing totally. check him out throughly before doing anything, I wish you luck, hope it works out for you.

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    Re: Dave Espino(infomercial)

    I don't believe any infomercial crap as 100% of the time the ones advertizing it will be the ones making the money, nobody else.

    It is my opinion that Dave Espino is the only one that makes money out of this deal. Just think about it. Those customers will be trying to sell unsuccesfully the same crap over and over on ebay creating a lot of competition and no sales. I mean it is difficult to sell anything on ebay nowadays. I don't doubt that this informercial gives unsuspecting newbies a hard on. Seen it myself.

    Hmm... I just found this cookie and it doesn't look good. It is a cease and desist order from the state of Illinois.

    Also this on ebay:

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    Re: Dave Espino(infomercial)

    First of all let me strongly advise you not to spend your money on Espino's course. I threw away $39.95 plus some ridiculous express shipping fees bringing the total up to $61.00 for this course over a month ago. Most of the information available in this course is available for free on the ebay site. also check out the threads on Espino's Auctions For Income Course in Ebay's forum section. Most of the information contained in the course is so generalized as to be useless. I normally do not buy anything that I see on TV infomercials. I had been considering an internet business for a couple of years thinking along the lines of an internet storefront type business. I'm on a lay off from my job as a machinist with an electronics manufacturer and with some spare time on my hands to develop a business plan. Anyway the thing that attracted me to Espino's AFI program was that he offered access to a wholesale dropshipper with little startup costs involved other than my Ebay listing fees and paypal transaction fees. Sounded good this dropshipper I was told offered a wide variety of name brand merchandise at Wholesale prices. The problem was that in reality their prices were either at or above actual retail and often above retail Even their items that seemed like a good deal weren't when you considered the final cost to the customer including shipping. I listed several of their items even trying to lower prices to the point of covering ebay, paypal fees and making a very tiny profit. Couldn't sell any of the items I listed. The experience with that dropshipper has cost me around $160.00 in ebay listing fees, an expensive learning experience. Their MSRPS were extremely exagerated. Also I discovered that they were operating an Ebay store undercutting all of us ordering their products for dropship. Also that they were giving Espino a 15% cut off of anything that his people on the AFI program were selling for their first 90 days. Another thing that happened while dealing with their products was that two products of theirs that I listed suddenly disappeared from their website the day after I listed them causing me to have to end the listings while still having to pay the Ebay listing fees for them. No Sold out notice on the website. The next day I found these products listed on their Ebay Store. The whole dropshipping thing attracts a lot of people to this sort of online business. My experience is based on dealing with only two dropshippers. The competition on Ebay is fierce, the market is glutted with people selling the same products and pricing has got to be in the range where you're meeting or beating prices that folks can find locally. Most businesses that are calling themselves "Wholesale Dropshippers" are nothing of the sort. A more accurate term would be resellers. And most are selling to you at real world retail and often very high end retail while calling it wholesale pricing. You have to know your product and market values before listing. And if you're supplier is over priced you're beaten before you list. Many of these dropshipping companies are very mysterious about what they offer, won't allow you to look at pricing structures and many won't even let you see their product lines unless you pay an enrollment fee. This is what I found with the second dropshipper that I got involved with. This one had a whole bunch of suppliers listed most were charging ridiculously high prices and outrageous shipping fees plus an additional dropshipping fee. Charging as much to ship a small pocket knife as it costs to ship a tabletop stereo system at UPS ground rates. There may be some legitimate Wholesale dropshippers out there i haven't found them yet and after my recent ebay experiences I'm kind of gunshy. Anyway UI hope this helps you make your decision not to buy Espino's course

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    Re: Dave Espino(infomercial)

    I am sorry to hear that some people have had bad experiences with folks representing themselves as mentors. I would be more than happy to share my book with you for free until it is published in September. Please email me and I'll send you a free copy for your information and review. All I ask in return is that you not sell it or distribute it on the internet.
    Christopher Spencer
    Author of The eBay Entrepreneur (Kaplan Publishing, available September 2006)
    Join me at eBay Live! 2006 in Las Vegas June 13-15 at the Mandalay Bay. I will be moderating a panel of Certified Providers on advanced business strategies, teaching a lab called Advanced Features of Selling Manager Pro and teaching a class on how to use Selling Manager Pro.

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    Re: Dave Espino(infomercial)

    First of all let me strongly advise you not to spend your money on Espino's course...
    I totally agree with MWeber and cito. My rule of thumb is if it's advertised in an infomercial, don't waste your money buying it. lol Like I said in another thread, people who are really making money keep their money making secrets to themselves! Think about it... If you were highly successful with your own business would you divulge every aspect of it to everyone or anyone? You would continue to work your business and continue to rake in the dough. Once you opened your trap you would have to close up shop.

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