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Thread: need some info

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    need some info

    Ok i still havent tried any offers for everyfreegift.com but have a few questions first. My understanding on both Smply You, and the one for the $25.00 giftcard for Lowes: You get charged a non-refundable $1.00 fee then you can cancel right away and still get credit for the offer. But how do you get the giftcards? BMG music service whats the total of what i'll have to pay for that? Video professor: if you dont send them back in 10 days they charge you $79.95? What happens if it takes to long to get there and back? Just looking for a few more answers before i take the dive. And does anyone have any recommendations on other offers i could try?

    Thank you

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    Re: need some info

    The $25 gift cards--you probably won't get them. They send you a form that you have to fill out, then send in and they have to process and you must be a member when they process, so essentially it is impossible unless you stay a member. I just joined BMG, it cost me all total about $55 to fulfill the membership requirements. Not bad for 12 cds. Video professor, they are more lenient than that, you get 10 days to preview, then send back and they have time when they will charge you but you can get a refund. Their customer service is pretty good. Another hint, don't cancel anything until you get an "in progress" for the offer, unless you like the service you signed up for.

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