I already know the answer to this question and I want to ask all of you if you know it too? How does Kiva stay in business? How do they pay for their website and apps? How does Kiva pay their employees? And pay for their offices and other utility bills? Ive been in banking for near 30 years now. National and international commercial lending, National and international small businesses lending. National and international private lending i.e. home mortgage lending etc..etc...

Lets make one thing clear. Kiva is making money on the backs of those who fund loans in their organization. In the most basic of terms, Non-profit means that at the end of the fiscal year, there is a zero net profit on the book. They money you give to Kiva goes into a bank account. That account accumulates daily interest at some percentage rate. At the end of the month, the interest incurred gets withdrawn and put into Kivas own bank account and the rest gets wired to their respected loan borrowers

The institutions that Kiva partners with kicks back a fixed percentage of the total loan given. This way, Kiva can proudly say they themselves do not charge interest on the loans. They get their partners to do it and get an agreed upon percentage of the individual loans. Kiva may also get a percentage of the loan maintenance fee included in the loan contract.

If only Americans knew the tax laws of being non profit, every American would start their own non profit organization and in stead of getting a paycheck from their employer, they would have the employer donate to their non profit organization and the non profit organization would buy and pay for everything the employee wanted. Non profit has been hijacked by unscrupulous organization over the decades, it the best way as of today to legally get out of paying taxes. Non profit really has become a scam to the American tax payers because of such unscrupulous people and organizations.

Kiva is undoubtedly making money on what they are doing. Its all about definition of terms and the U.S. tax code. I guarantee the executives at Kiva are not hurting for money. Kiva the organization is paying for their houses, cars, furniture, clothes so on and so on.