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    Re: Another Memo from Britain

    Some sleight of hand going on here about the possible contents of the PDB's.
    Before the war started the UK and I believe the US people were informed of various aspects of the Iraq regime. I'm not going into specifics to keep it clear. The public were not shown the raw intelligence or the assessments, so they were being asked to take a lot on trust. They trusted both administrations that there were good reasons to attack Iran even without seeing the detailed information that the governments were said to possess. Prior to the attack, many facts regarding the Niger letter, the aluminium tubes, the IAEA report were all in the public domain but we were promised more facts were available.
    So what were they?
    What were the reasons that they couldn't give then?
    Far from it being good news for Bush that there is no intelligence rabbit to pull out of the hat, the audience expect to be shown something that at least resembles a smoking gun.

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    Re: Another Memo from Britain

    Lawmaker Urges Release of Bombing Document Fri Nov 25, 2:36 PM ET


    LONDON - A lawmaker said Friday he had filed a parliamentary motion urging Prime Minister Tony Blair to publish a leaked document that allegedly suggests President Bush wanted to bomb the headquarters of Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera.
    Earlier this week, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith warned editors they could face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act for disclosing the contents of a document that has been described as a transcript of discussions between Bush and Blair.

    Labour Party backbencher Peter Kilfoyle filed a motion calling for publication of the document, which was leaked to the Daily Mirror newspaper. Civil servant David Keogh and Leo O'Connor, who formerly worked for a British lawmaker, have been charged with violating the Official Secrets Act.

    "I would hope we can have a fair and full discussion of the very important issues that were discussed at that meeting," Kilfoyle, a former defense minister, told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.

    "The information is out there in the public domain and it seems ludicrous that the media can't discuss it in its entirety," he added.

    Kilfoyle's motion has little chance of success.

    The Daily Mirror this week claimed that the document was a transcript of a meeting in April 2004 between Bush and Blair in which Bush spoke of attacking Al-Jazeera's headquarters in Doha, Qatar. The newspaper, which cited unidentified sources, said Blair argued against an attack. The newspaper quoted its sources as disagreeing about whether Bush's alleged comment was a joke or was meant seriously.

    Blair's office refused to comment on the document, and White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the claims "outlandish and inconceivable."

    British media reported Friday that a senior Al-Jazeera executive, Wadah Khanfar, was visiting Britain in a bid to seek more information on the issue from the government.

    Blair's office said officials were "quite happy to talk to Al-Jazeera just as we are quite happy to talk to other broadcasters."

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