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    POTENTIAL Life On Venus?

    Please read the article first... it's a short, easy read so there's no excuse not to.


    What influence/effect on Creationism might this have should life on Venus be verified? NOT a debate... just a question.

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    Re: POTENTIAL Life On Venus?

    Hello paulcrawl 😎 life on Venus . worth a friendly discussion. I did read the article. Not sure what you are trying to convey. I'm not a scientist but based on the article we're to believe life existed on Venus?
    That's possible. 💥 I will concur
    But, but earths got , people, dogs, cats, horses, birds, butterflies etc... SO ?
    what happened on earth that didn't happen on Venus?

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    Re: POTENTIAL Life On Venus?

    First off they're thinking there's a possibility there may be life, not intelligent life but something way inside the planet that survived the heat. Venus has a surface to hot to sustain life. No reason there couldn't be life elsewhere and a God too. I say the Bible has lots of flaws, possibly the entire Bible but still can be a God who created life. Would be neat if there really is life on Venus and way back many years ago there was intelligent life. Cool!

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