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    Any one know about WritingUp.com? A good one?

    I ran across this last week:

    WritingUp (.com)

    They use the Google Ad word system to reward those who blog on their site.
    It looks very professional, well written and seems to have plenty of members.

    I like the look of it; has anyone worked with this program before?

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    Re: Any one know about WritingUp.com? A good one?

    Not a scam.

    In fact, I don't see how it COULD be a scam. All they're doing is creating a place for other people to write their blogs. Each blogger has their own Adsense account, and for each blog, the writingup.com folks alternate the ads between THEIR Adsense ads and the blogger's, thus splitting the revenue potential 50/50. I've checked the code on my page and, sure enough, the adsense ID's alternate between mine and someone else's. The extra impressions are showing up on my Adsense account as well. Any money you make comes directly from Adsense, not from the website.

    The 'bad' news, I guess, is that this is not easy or sure money. If you were going to create a blog anyway, then this is a good deal. You won't be doing any more work than you would already be doing writing a blog somewhere else, but at least here you've got some folks that (claim) to help out with the advertising in exchange for splitting the revenue. I'd view this as less of a business opportunity and more of a way to make a bit of beer money by doing something that you were presumably going to do anyway (write a blog).

    The annoying thing is all the "make money fast" folks jumping on here blogging about their various programs and whatever. Sometimes the BS gets pretty deep on that front page (with all the latest blog posts).
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    Re: Any one know about WritingUp.com? A good one?

    I replied to your earlier post asking about WritingUp and then found this thread afterwards, so I'll just post a quick note to say --
    I'm a big fan of WritingUp and it's starting to work well for the people who blog regularly on genuiine topics -- not the spammers that DarkIcon mentioned, but real people! It was wicked bad with spam blogs at first but that's really cleaned up in the past 2 weeks. Now the search engines MSN and Yahoo are starting to send traffic, which is showing up in our Google Adsense earnings bit by bit.

    FYI, I started a blog on WritingUp just to kind of test out the site, and now it's the best-performing for me! (I've got 2 other blogs, on blogger, on different topics.) Also have to agree with DarkIcon's caveat that blogging is not a "get rich quick" thing! You build up a readership gradually, and the income builds the same way...

    Hope this helps!

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    Here is proof of how powerful writingup is!!

    Dark Icon is a well-known user at writingup. I always see his name around the site.

    Here is a small screenshot of my adsense account page. We can't post or write about anything that you see blocked out.

    Writingup is not a scam. Please see for yourself by following this link which points to an entry in my blog.

    Here is proof of how powerful writingup.com is!!

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