is dodgy... you order a product like a reclining gaming chair, you spend USD 12 (now 17) on the chair [yeah that is a give away], and add another USD 12 for shipping, you pay the total $24 with paypal, and you indeed get some kind of tracking email and code. surprisingly a month later you do a receive a package from China, but it has some zero value piece of cloth (don't know what is) is small and cost less than $1 to ship from china. then you reach out and first they offer to refund 30% of the product purchase, and on a 2nd attempt go to 50%... this is clearly all dodgy and just ripping people of money. i get because the value is relatively low, people can't be bothered dealing with it, so it's being ignored. but 3,000,000 views, results maybe in 10,000 orders x $24 is a lot of money for a little scam. get this website banned a.s.a.p.!