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    *FOR SNEAKER RESELLERS* BORO.INC nike "phone number" verified accounts

    There is a popular "sneaker account" seller that is being boasted on many platforms. I recently made a purchase for "phone number verified", "nike.com" "instantly delivered" accounts on Boro.inc, a company previously sponsored by "unlimitedcop", a popular content creator on YouTube for sneakers... Once the shopify purchase went through on their website payment portal, following my shopify purchase receipt email: verified/signed by "shopify.com;" I received a "risk of fraud email" asking for a picture of my id or a picture of the last 4 of my credit card to verify my purchase... I was very surprised to receive the email as the content creator, "unlimitedcop" and others have supported it... Just spreading the word so you are not scammed in a FANTASTIC market. Those first trying out sneakerbotting/sneaker reselling, when purchasing exclusive shoes online, it would be unfortunate to be scammed for your first experience. I am unsure if others know about Boro as I have not seen posts about them being a scam... this email is fraudulent... PLEASE NEVER PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION, STAY SAFE!


    I posted the screenshot in gyazo, first time on this website, unsure how to post attachments...
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