· LSAT test takers are experiencing technical issues at every test in most of the test centers. Some reported incidents include 4 to 5-hour delays in starting the tests, cancelled tests, untrained proctors and missing registrations.
· LSAC’s VP of technology, has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and gifts from vendors, including Microsoft.
· Troy Lowry is as corrupt as they come and the ringleader of an organized mafia helping rich students cheat and score high results on the LSAT.
· Consultants and LSAT prep-centers getting early version of the tests from Troy Lowry and/or his team. Lowry makes Rick Singer look like a petty theft.

We started paying attention to the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) after we kept hearing and reading about all the technical issues test takers are experiencing around the US. Surprisingly none of the mayor media outlets have paid attention but that may be because of ongoing federal investigations. Here is what we have found so far:

LSAC has a fairly new president, Kellye Testy. Testy has allowed LSAC to become a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization. Fraud, injustice is happening right under her nose and although we have no information that she is involved directly, her attitude is certainty questionable. Perhaps Testy is just dumb or perhaps she is part of the fraud ring. We will see.

The VP of Technology, Troy Lowry has been there since 1997. He was promoted to Sr. V.P. of Technology Products and Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer in late 2018. Lowry, in simple terms, controls the administrative and test administration process. Lowry, a corrupt and deceitful individual has positioned himself as the almighty lord of the law school admission process. Current employees of LSAC tell us that “everyone works for Lowry who is a vindictive, malicious individual that will stop at nothing to accomplish his misdeeds.

Lowry’s headline on Linkedin reads: “Helping Build the Future of Justice”. That statement alone is disturbing for a tech-guy to say and a huge red-flag. Lowry’s ego is unnerving. Our research shows that the only future he is building is his own while enriching himself and screwing test takers and hard-working students in the process.

· Taking money from vendors: Lowry, as reported by sources very close to LSAC and that we will protect as such, takes large amounts of cash, gifts, meals and travel from vendors. That alone may justify why Lowry keeps using the same software and hardware providers although the systems fail everywhere. Lowry also receives very discounted prices on software and hardware for a company he is investor of presenting a total conflict of interest to say the least.

· Troy Lowry has a network of “consultants” and test preparation centers that he works with in one of the biggest scams in school admissions since Rick Singer.

· This is how Troy Lowry’s scam works:
1. Wealthy students go to one of these consultants, the most notorious is an individual that works with Jewish and Iranian students in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. He is based in Pasadena; California. We understand that the FBI is already investigating him so we will keep his name out, for now.
2. Students pay between $25,000 and $200,000 for the services these consultants provide. Lowry and his team get between 1/3 to ½ of that.
3. As part of Lowry’s scheme, these students request special accommodations based on religious beliefs. As most of the LSAT tests are administered on Saturdays (Shabbat), “Jewish” students are allowed to take the test on the following Mondays.
4. On Saturday while thousands of students are taking the test, and everyone is distracted at LSAC, Lowry provides the version of the test to these consultants. Sources tell us that the “technical errors” may be in some cases, events created by Lowry to create distractions while he distributes the tests.
5. On Sundays, the consultants get together with the paying students and practice the version of the test they will take on Monday. These wealthy students get an early version of the actual test.
6. These students, mostly Jewish or that claim to be Jewish are given a huge, unfair advantage and score really high, usually above 170 points on the tests and get accepted to top-ranked law schools. Several of these students are currently attending UCLA, Berkeley, Harvard, NYU and Columbia (we know the names of several of them and have provided these names to the FBI). UCLA is the school of choice for the LA based students that participate in the scam in Los Angeles.
7. Thanks to Troy Lowry’s lucrative scam, thousands of hard-working students are not accepted to top law schools as the rich, crooked ones get their spots.

We also understand that if any prospective law student complains or brings about any of these issues with LSAC, Lowry’s loyal soldiers at LSAC literally destroy these students marking their records for life, erasing scores and forcing them to undergo administrative hearings. Lowry’s network of corrupt individuals is well positioned in the legal department of LSAC.

We hope that this report motivates the board of directors of LSAC and President Testy to conduct an investigation onto these facts. An outside, independent counsel should be appointed as the legal department of LSAC is loyal to Lowry and corrupt as heck.

We also hope that every student that has experienced any level of injustice, harassment and abuse by LSAC, to come out and speak very loudly. Several groups are organizing class-action lawsuits.

We further expect law schools find other ways and organizations to administer the admission process. LSAC is inefficient at best, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization as the facts indicate. Law schools should demand that Lowry is fired immediately.

The FBI should also move faster and put Lowry and his network of crooks in jail.

Acronym definition:

LSAT: Law School Admission Test

LSAC: Law School Admission Council is the entity in charge of administering the LSAT (tests) and acts as the absolute, unchecked power to admit or not admit students to law schools. Law schools rely on the information provided by LSAC and do not question or double-check their work.