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    Experian owns Metarewards?!?!?!

    Wow... how about that. I was just googling metarewards for an ebook I'm putting together and low and behold I come across this...

    Irvine, Calif., Dec. 16, 2003 – Experian Consumer DirectSM, the leading provider of online direct-to-consumer credit reports and products, today announced the acquisition of MetaReward, a leading performance-based Internet loyalty marketing company.

    “We are very pleased to add MetaReward’s direct marketing capabilities to Experian’s consumer business,” said Ed Ojdana, president of Experian Consumer Direct. “This new relationship will broaden the distribution channels for some of our credit products and services into the rapidly growing loyalty and rewards space, as well as leverage our direct marketing expertise. Further, it expands our portfolio of consumer products beyond credit reports and identity theft protection. Among the new services, consumers will be able to earn gift cards that can be redeemed at many of the world’s leading retail companies.”

    MetaReward is a leading developer of tools and technologies that enable Web publishers to increase revenue and customer retention through the use of performance-based marketing offers. The company has more than four years experience building technology platforms and developing marketing relationships that drive profitable direct marketing revenue from brand-name companies. They also offer direct marketers the ability to acquire new customers through a network of leading third-party Web publishers as well as their own proprietary Web properties. The MetaReward network is visited by more than four million consumers each month, ranking it among the most frequently visited by consumers.

    “As a part of Experian, we will further improve our ability to offer the highest quality experience for our users, marketers and publishers,” said Erik Larson, co-founder and chief operating officer of MetaReward. “MetaReward’s industry leading technology in the areas of Internet distribution and direct marketing will further strengthen Experian's current online consumer direct offerings.”

    Experian did not disclose the terms of the purchase, but did indicate that the acquisition of MetaReward will be immediately accretive to earnings.

    MetaReward properties include NetFlip, FreeGiftCentral, MovieTicketSource and MisterPoints reward programs as well as the ExpertsOnCredit credit advice site. Third party Web publishers include both large, highly trafficked Internet properties and small to medium-sized Web sites and services.
    Wow... while I expected some phishing was going on with the gift sites... I never thought it would be by one of the companies that could make or break a person in our country...

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    Re: Experian owns Metarewards?!?!?!

    That fact is well-known here.




    I'm not sure what you're getting at though. Wouldn't you RATHER have Experian behind MetaReward, rather than some no-name company?

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    Re: Experian owns Metarewards?!?!?!

    hes saying he didnt expect it not that he doesnt like it....

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