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    Eternity and Time Frames

    A few years ago, I had an extraordinary dream about time and events on earth. There were many time frames in a long row similar to what you'd find in an old film strip. I recall about a dozen frames. Each frame had about a half dozen names and images of nations in vertical order. Images consisted mostly of symbols related nations. Nations on each time frame were in hierarchy order based on world power struggles. Nations at the top of the frames were listed by name. Each frame had a different combination of nations and images as time progressed. I didn't have enough time to decipher all of the meanings, each time strip was unique as power struggles and world events progressed. Each frame consist of about a half dozen names and images of nations. The best analogy I can think of is a box of children's toys with blocks and various other playthings, except they were related to nations and world events. Much of my dream was about recent time frames for struggles between Russia and other nations. On the right side of the of time strip approaching current time, Russia was moving up to the top of the frames. The word "Russia" was on those time frames. It appeared to be a warning that Russia is becoming a world threat. I got the impression that God knows each time frame in great detail, including future time.

    I've thought about the length of time for each frame. I think they represent events more than time. Perhaps, each frame equaled a generation. Most interesting in the time frame strip was a changing allocation of nations in world power struggles. I must admit, describing this dream has been difficult, there were many details with powerful symbols.

    Here is a summary statement related to my dream about time: Based on previous dreams, I am convinced that, except for a brief time of intervention in human affairs, God has assumed a policy of nonintervention. For God, time is a consequence of creation. Each angel of God has a time span from the time it was created to future events, or God's creative episodes. As for humans, they live on earth based on time of birth, living and death. In heaven, measures of time depend on when each angel was created and intervening events between God and angels in the worship circle. Before God created the first angel, there was no measure of time because there were no intervening events to calculate a time period. Before the first angel, the two Gods were eternal companions, meaning they existed without a time frame or measure of activity between them, and there is no means by which one can calculate time for the two Gods because they are eternal. Purpose was related to pleasure, whereas, in the sphere, one God would communicate a loving idea or feeling to the other God, and the other God would communicate a loving reply. So, it was with the two Gods, continual exchanges of loving ideas and, if you will, thoughts.

    For companionship, the two Gods decided to create angels, or to share their loving affection. For a time measure, it would be when the first angel came into existence. It is difficult, if not impossible to describe time before God's first creation because there are no references. It is "an eternal mystery." It is possible the two Gods created all thirteen angels simultaneously, or they were created over a long time span. Harmony and peace in heaven was interrupted when one of the angels (Satan) decided to create a worship circle with other angels. With angels in a worship circle, Satan hoped to replace God. The problem began when Satan began attacking and hurting the other angels. In my dream, Satan used a protruding mouth to attack and hurt other angels. One of the angels went to God and complained. "He is hurting us," the angel said. Subsequently, God expelled Satan from heaven.

    Satan has been imprisoned in the universe since his rebellion in heaven about 13.7 billion years ago. Many people believe God created the universe for humans, but it was created to imprison Satan. Humans are collateral damage from the Satan's rebellion. There is an interesting reference in 'Revelation to Satan and the universe. It is found in Revelation 11:7. Circumstances are (God) the two witnesses have just given testimony to their chosen people. "Now when they have finished their testimony, the beast (Satan) that comes up from the Abyss (Universe) will attack them (Jesus), and overpower and kill them." I had a dream about a burly Roman soldier standing over Jesus, who was on his knees, beating him with his fists.

    Assuming time from of the "big bang" until now, Satan, the rebellious angel, would be about 13.7 billion years old. Humans may believe God created the universe for them, but, based on what I know, God created the universe as a prison for Satan. Humans are collateral damage from that event. The two Gods intervened in human affairs when they selected Abraham and their chosen people. Then, to give testimony to their chosen people, they came into the world as Jesus. I believe the two Gods hoped to establish a holy order on earth. Thus far, it has not materialized.
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    Re: Eternity and Time Frames

    In heaven, time became relevant when God created angels. Prior to the angels, the two Gods were their own companions. Because the two Gods are eternal, they have no reference points or time line, they have no beginning and no ending. There are time coordinates for Gods creatures based on relationships or sequence of events. Angels were created when the two Gods decided to share their exchanges. Consequently, exchanges occurred between the two Gods and angels. Satan, one of thirteen angels, was expelled, twelve angels remain in heaven. This is unchartered territory insofar as humans lack knowledge about angels and heavenly activities. We dont know what order Satan was in the creation of angels, so we can only speculate. My speculations are based on my dreams and visions about the two Gods, angels, and some events in heaven. I know for certain, however, there is no son of God, Jesus was God, God is a duality, and there is no Trinity, which will be discussed.

    I know there are now twelve angels in heaven. I had a dream about a metal locket with two rows of six. An angels voice said, we are locked onto God for all of eternity. Notwithstanding a time sequence problem, Satan was one of thirteen heavenly angels. Now, there are twelve angels in heaven. If there were thirteen angels before Satans rebellion, there must have been thirteen event zones related to episodes of angel creation, and there would be different forms of interaction between God and angels as a consequence of the presence of a specific number of angels after the creation of an angel. There is another possibility that has not been considered. The two Gods may have created all thirteen angels in one creative event. Again, it is unchartered territory, accept for the Bible, we have a limited understanding of heaven.

    The subject of the two Gods in a sphere prior to their creation of the first angel has not been discussed, or proposed by theologians. Regardless, discussion is in order because its importance for understanding reasons for the two Gods creating angels. The two Gods must have been perfect companions. Oh, there is an important religious issue concerning God which must be addressed. Based on the Trinity, the father is one of three, but, applying logic to the son of God, the father existed before the son was created, or came into existence. If the son was born, or created at some particular time, then, the Trinity cannot be eternal. Logic is a terrible thing; it may cause headaches. Based on religious authorities, as well as logic, the son of God was created by God. Therefore, the Trinity cannot be eternal.

    Based on my dreams, Jesus was God, not the son of God. Therefore, there is no son of God. If you research the topic, youll find gospel writers, over several decades, changing their stories until it was decided Jesus was the son of God. It is important to consider the son of God issue regarding the Trinity because, if the son of God had a beginning, then, the Trinity is not eternal. Therefore, the father would be eternal, but not the son of God. As for the Holy Spirit, it was invented by church leaders. I propose humans dont posses a holy spirit unless given to them by the two Gods. For religious leaders, the holy spirit is important because it gives them justification to make proclamations to legitimize their religious ideas, although those ideas are subject to theological discussion, or debate based on opposing opinions or theological proposals.

    Because humans have limited knowledge about the supernature, the topic of heaven is limited to abstract discussion, or ideas based on the Bible. Although, there are those in the religious community who propose heavenly stories for the salvation of believers. Earthly standards for time measurements are inapplicable to heaven, or what we know about heaven. My favorite ideas about heaven are found in Revelation. I believe the author of Revelation was the Lord God.

    Human references to time are limited by earth time zones, human life spans, and historical information about human affairs. An understanding of eternity and its relationship to the human condition is essential for an understanding of time. Humans have limited knowledge of eternity inasmuch as it is defined by the two Gods, who are the only eternal beings in existence. Studying the Lord God provides insight in the concept of eternity insofar as there has never been a creature of God, or a human being, who is eternal. Eternity is a delightful topic to discuss, but impossible for mortal creatures to completely understand. Only the two Gods have complete knowledge of everything as my dream about time frames demonstrates. They have perfect understanding of all events on a time line, both heavenly and secular.
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    Re: Eternity and Time Frames

    Time cannot be both real and eternal. To be eternal, time cannot exist because there would be no beginning. I define time as a measure of events or change. In the universe, matter and energy, through quantum fluctuations (macro events), undergo constant change. Therefore, we have a measure of time. If science can find an absence of change, there would be an argument for eternity in the universe. Theoretically, it is impossible to propose a condition for no change in the universe because matter and energy, regardless of dimension or level of observation, are always in a state of flux or change. Again, there can be no eternal functions in a universe composed of matter and energy. Perhaps, eternity is the real dividing point between heaven and the universe. Because God is eternal, it would follow that heaven, an attribute of God, is eternal. As for the universe, God's did not design it to be eternal.

    Apparently, there is no real method except in mathematics to assume infinite. My argument is the idea is an assumption rather than a reality. It is as if the universe were in the middle of an infinite paradigm, but it has not completed trajectories to become infinite. However, this is incorrect because matter and energy are composed of finite substances. A line goes off into space and comes to the boundary of the universe, but it stops, it doesn't go into infinity. Perhaps, the reason is the universe is a chip off the old block, God used His eternity to create the universe, but He didn't make the universe eternal. The idea of the universe being eternal is theoretical, not real. Applying basic logic, the universe would have to be limitless for it to be eternal, and it would have to be circular to complete the infinity loop. An infinity line cannot go forward without stopping because it can never have an ending. Therefore, it loops around in a circle without the constraint of time. Furthermore, because there are no time or distance constraints for a line, it becomes a circle without limits. The perfect example of eternity would be a speck of God's holiness, it never changes form or size, and it is perfectly eternal. The problem with this definition is I am constrained by a human mind and way of thinking. One may conclude, there is no eternity apart from God's holy light, or sparks of holy substance. I derive these conclusions based on my experiences. I have seen a spark of God's holy light. The most convincing argument for the absence of infinity in the universe are "laws of entropy," matter and energy continue to change and deteriorate, and there seems to be no phenomena in the universe to alter these processes. Therefore, we find no eternal particles in the universe. If we could see them, we would be in heaven. As for heaven, there is no change or deterioration, every holy particle is eternal.

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