I was scammed by two binary options and investment companies, and i lost around $68,000 Dollars thinking that they were going to make me a profit. Looking back I did ignore some of the red flags but agreed to use bitcoins for them. I "traded" with two companies and both of them applied the same tactic: acquire the investment for a small fee, then encourage me to upgrade, then when ready to withdraw there was a fee, then i was also charged with a Tax Fee and they threaten me that if i did not pay that tax fee then they will send a report to the IRS. The other company told me that i needed to pay a finalization fee to cash my "earnings" because it is a request from the World Bank and the International Monetary Funds to process a 12 digit code in order to receive the payment. I do have emails, conversations and so forth in order to investigate a case and also to persecute those individuals to stop doing this to others. . After compliaining to the appropriate authorities it was quite clear that I was on my own, then I started doing my research till I came across Geminihacks dot cohm they helped in getting all of my funds from both companies including profits. So happy to share