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    Freedom to do what?

    In the past few days, protests and riots have broken out all over the nation, having to do with an unjustified killing of a black man by a police officer. Now, young people are exercising their Constitutional right to cause havoc! However, according to the US Constitution, there is "no such right of grievance." The issue is what does freedom really mean? Apparently, for many young people it means looting, destroying property, vandalizing stores, stealing store merchandise, and burning buildings. What has happened to our nation? In our nation's past, patriots fought wars to maintain national sovereignty and freedom for all Americans. Our founding fathers proposed freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assemble, and other freedoms according to the "rule of law." Recently, young people, in order to satisfy a vengeful lust for retribution, have rejected the "rule of law."

    Instead of allowing government authorities to adjudicate the case, thousands of protestors have, based on distrust of law enforcement and/or impatience for allowing government authorities to handle the case, decided to make police, as well as city officials, targets of what they perceive to be a "grave injustice." It has been reported that much of youthful hostility is based on diminished trust of law enforcement. Whatever the reasons, anarchy, or lawlessness only makes matters worse. Presently, law enforcement is on the defensive, and it will only get worse. Law enforcement is not in a position to reform when under attack. When the dust settles from mass riots, then, perhaps, criminal justice reform will happen. Based on one case of police misconduct, it is difficult to justify the mass amount of destruction and loss of live. Young people in the streets of our cities have resorted to a very "destructive means" for exercising their "freedom of speech" rights.

    There may be another explanation for the unprecedented level of social upheavals in our world. It is, however, an explanation without evidence. Could Satan be buzzing around the world spreading evil ideas, the result of which may be riots, or even revolution. I prefer a narrative based on Satan. It is difficult, based on "one case of criminal injustice," to explain so much rioting and looting.

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    Re: Freedom to do what?

    when the church FAILS to instill the belief in god thru it's PRACTITIONERS the result is god lets evil RULE!!
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    Re: Freedom to do what?

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