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    Re: The Alan Giliker investment scam



    What a horrible losing strategy form a fraud.

    Proven to lose and so has he!!!

    I have to agree that Alan Giliker from Leeds is a fraud if that is what he is trying to pedal!!

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    Re: The Alan Giliker investment scam

    What a shameless guy
    He knows about this thread...I emailed him a link to this one
    He also threatened defamation through his associates
    I dared him to bring it on
    But he lost his voice

    Only one conclusion

    A FRAUD, called Alan Michael Giliker FROM Britannia House in Leeds LS1 2EU accepts that he is a fraud.

    His contacts from facebook are also aware and have contacted me. I have given them some info as well.

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    Re: The Alan Giliker investment scam

    The guy f sent me a big threat of filing a defamation suit against me for exposing him.

    Till date we are waiting for that.

    And this fraud Giliker is fully aware of this thread. I emailed him the link and then the threats came.

    But this fraud realises that if the case reaches the courts....he might be the one ending up in jail.

    Loser.. And he considered himself a successful gambler.

    Even tried to rope a footballer but that guy shafted him so bad....he still seems to reeling from that

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