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Thread: got scammed

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    got scammed

    I sent $500 to global medic care for medication i needed for my adhd. they never sent it to me, and when i went to their website they took it down. then i got an email from royal mail express that my package was in london uk. and i need to send another $450 US. when i called the guy sounded nigerian. of course i didn't send anymore money, and i never did get my medication. i reported this to the police.

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    Re: got scammed

    I feel really sorry for what is happening to you my friend. Look, if this has set up you into financial trouble, you can get a loan https://cashcat.ph/products/online-cash-loans-same-day/ that you can pay back from your upcoming salary. I know how hard it is to be scammed like this, but please don't give up and fight for your rights.

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    Re: got scammed

    Hi I was feeling really sorry that you got scammed this way. Although I neither support the idea of taking a loan to refill your financial tanks. Why don't you do some sports betting to get even? For example you can register https://betway-promo-uk.com and make your predictions for the upcoming team matches.

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