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    What do you know about IQ Option?

    Good afternoon, folks! I'm new to internal trading. By entering this field, I found a huge number of brokers who offer their services. I'm at a loss. In some articles there were many positive reviews about IQ Option. What do you guys know about this broker? I don't want to get caught with a cheater...

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    Re: What do you know about IQ Option?


    IQ options as far as I understand from my experience, is a legitimate business. I made a small investment there. But with all of these brokers please ensure before you make a deposit: What the minimum investment is to be able to trade and more important what restrictions there are in withdrawing your money. May not be able to draw less than a certain amount or you may not be able to withdraw until you have passed all their screening ID procedures but they will not stop you depositing!

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