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    Catalyst Consulting Firm - Springfield, MO - SCAM, SCAM SCAMMM!!! - stole $$$$ from me -

    READ THIS LINK: https://www.bbb.org/us/mo/springfield/profile/timeshare-companies/catalyst-consulting-firm-llc-0734-1000003522/complaints

    WARNING!! I think this company is now out of business, but if not WARNING!! I had a guy, B, approach me that he knew how to exit my timeshare AND not paying any more maintenance fees and maybe even get some money back from the lies some of the salespeople told me when I bought one of my timeshares and did not get what was promised by my timeshare company. This B guy caught me at a weak moment when I told him I was already going to exit my timeshare through their exit program, but it was taking awhile.

    B told me that he could promise that not only would his company (Catalyst Consulting Firm) get me out of my timeshare quicker, but that the minute I gave him $4700 upfront, my maintenance fees for the timeshare would completely stop and that I have a 80% chance of recouping some of my monies back. Brent even had the "owner of the company" call me - tell me about God and his "revelation" of why/how he started Catalyst.

    Anyways, long story short, I found out AFTER everything was signed and monies sent that my maintenance fees did not stop, that I was still liable AND there was no guarantee I could get out of my timeshare through them, and B somehow disappeared. Catalyst said they might be able to find an attorney for me to help. So I ended up talking to one, and they said they could take me on - After a period of time and too long and many many phone calls with different people all the time at the same law firm, I finally got a person who said that the law firm took no responsibility for the initial transaction with Catalyst - that Catalyst instead just a "referral" with no accountability to Catalyst and Catalyst's actions. In fact, they claimed Catalyst had "gone out of business" for scamming too many people. I am willing to let this go, but not without making a report online to make the $$$ worth the letting go..

    The original link for the Catalyst Consulting Firm is not working, but this one is... not sure who is tied to it, but worth checking out if you want to digg:
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