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    Is there no "Investment" Scam posts???

    Hi - new to this forum.

    Am I missing something here under Investment Scams???
    Only 1 recent post for 2019 ... and before that, the last post was way back in ....2011.

    In the post Enron, post 2008 recession ...no one is posting Investment Scams???
    For real?

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    Re: Is there no "Investment" Scam posts???

    Mark ellan big scammer

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    Re: Is there no "Investment" Scam posts???

    Is this the same Marc who was involved into casino betting scandal or it is a different person? I must investigate this and write a new review. I heard of somebody who was cheating in online slots but I don't remember his full name. Anyway, since we are discussing investments, I can't help telling you that I came across a new cool website! I wrote reviews about scatter symbol slots for it, and they paid me $80 to my wallet. So now I must decide if I shall withdraw it or invest into games. What do you think guys?

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