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    Planet fitness minnetonka Membership scam! I got ripped off $165 less than 1 month


    "I was a fool for trusting Planet Fitness and they told me and my fiance, stating it would be only be $10/month. I was charged twice in one month, accruing unnecessary late fees. I was told that my annual membership was an additional $38.00. I paid for the first month and they charged me another $52.00 before the end of that month. I thought I was paying for both me and my fiance. But Planet Fitness personnel stated that that wasn't including my fiances charges, which was over $90 on her account still owed! That's $165 total and I wasn't even in the club for LESS than 2 months! Definitely false advertisement! I am done with them and will contact the attorney general's office regarding this matter! Now I know why all the other members have given them one stars! I will never go back to Planet Fitness! They have failed me and deceived me!"

    This place is a Joke! They charged me twice for annual fees which did not make any since whatsoever. I try calling the Manager at that location and she never got back to me and the day time manager was so rude to me regarding getting a refund. They also charged me the same day I canceled my membership and said I use the club that night so I got charged again for a whole month when the the membership was already canceled. They will get there karma for sure, they steal money from members credit cards when your not paying attention to the fees and monthly dues which is bs cause its not $10 per month its all false representation and I have contacted the MN state attorneys generals office the MN Senate as well because I feel so robbed and cheated out of the money I need. If I were you I would stay away from these crooks. They are so money hungry and don't care if your homeless after taking your food and rent money. Stay away! Go to the Y or La fitness.
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