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    Scamed out of $1000 by a SEO company

    Ever been scammed by a seo company well we have. This basicly is just advice to others to intend to use SEO companies. This particular company we will let you deside what they are like by reading a converstation that we had with there support team. After 8 months of asking and after 7 differant tickets created which they have now removed. We desided to copy our last ticket created and put it online. You will see we got very pissed off as $1000 is a lot of money.

    Here is the link. http://www.globalmediareleases.com/v...erstation.html
    if you plan on using verica.com then all we can say is best of luck.
    If anyone can offer advise to how we can go about filing an international complant or how we can get out money back then please let us kow.
    This Thread is for that.
    And the domain GlobalMedeaReleases is for sale if you want to buy
    just send us a email.

    Dont you just hate getting ripped off!!!!!!!!!

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