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    Ivan Hugo Villa/ Touch Wireless Lifeline Cellphone Scam/ Marijuana Bootlegger/

    Touch Wireless based in Carson California is owned by Ivan Hugo Villa. He runs this business out of 20620 S. Leapwood Ave Unit E Carson CA 91746. his phone number is 4086232217. He is allowing his agents to knowingly perform lifeline cell phone fraud. He also uses his proceeds from the government program he exploits to fund his illegal marijuana ventures. At this location they also have a Illegal Cannabis extraction facility and distribution setup.
    He and his sons Justin Villa and Ivan villa jr lure people with sales teams to work for them, then procceed steal all of their agents and cuts them out of the deal. He is a master manipulator and liar. Do not work for him or his sons you will just get ripped off.
    His activities have already been reported to law enforcement AND FEDERAL AGENCIES.

    He is a professional liar and scammer with a massive ego and cannot be trusted.

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    Re: Ivan Hugo Villa/ Touch Wireless Lifeline Cellphone Scam/ Marijuana Bootlegger/

    hi i want you

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