Dear Internet Users,

We would like to inform Business Owners, Retail Merchants and other Global Merchant processors that the following Company 'IPAYTOTAL LTD' is a fake entity which is actually owned by an Indian who happens to be involved in several scams in the past. IPAYTOTAL.COM is a fake payment processing company who is currently owned by Ruchi Rathor. After our investigation, it was also brought to our attention that the fake company has hold several merchant monies and has caused huge prejudices to even authentic global businesses.

We are also informed that Ruchi Rathor is currently located in Ascott, UK with her family.
The UK Financial Authority will soon start a thorough investigation on Ruchi Rathor's personal wealth and current assets in Ascott, UK.

Here are the list of the Fraudsters who are actually involved with IPAYTOTAL.COM:

Designation: RING-LEADER.
Origin: Indian
Profession: International Financial Scams
Country of origin: India
Country relocated recently: Ascott, UK.

Origin: Indian
Profession: Photographer / Financial Scams
Aditya Williams, was appointed by Ruchi Rathor in August 2018 to create fake software to be used in a real credit card processing environment.

*A request was filed on March 15th 2019 to the Indian Ambassador to investigate further on Aditya Williams.

This is a screenshot of the Scammer's fake payment processing company website:
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Craig Paterson.
Scam Advisor (Snr),
Attache of the Sweden Business Forum and Consumer Protection.
Report issued on March 20, 2019.
Fulfilled on: 25 March 2019.