Lexx continues to lie and distort President Trumps record.

Therefore, in the interest of protecting the integrity of this forum, lexx is required to either refute or acknowledge Trumps accomplishments. If lexx refutes the record posted here, he must post evidence proving the record is in error. If lexx is honest, he will admit the record is correct, and post a correction or an apology for lying and distorting Trumps record.

The Trump administrations often overlooked list of achievements has surpassed those of former President Ronald Reagan at this time and more than doubled since the last tally of accomplishments after his first year in office, giving President Trump a solid platform to run for re-election on.

As Trump nears the two-year mark of his historic election and conducts political rallies around the country, during which he talks up his wins in hopes it will energize Republican voters, the administration has counted up 289 accomplishments in 18 categories, capped by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.