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Thread: frozen funds

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    frozen funds

    Hello all:

    I have used a service called Instadebit, they have now frozen the account, when I asked what's going to happen with the funds, they don't respond. Their website indicates that they will respond within 1-2 business days. They do not and when you ask for a response they send an automated message. I have over 750 held in frozen land where ever that is...terrible customer service leading me to believe I am being scammed by this group.

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    Re: frozen funds

    I will probably be one of many, but I'll say .. Why don't you look online reviews of such sites? I gamble a lot and I am used to checking the site before putting my money into a deposit. Now I play here - https://hotspin.ca/ And this game portal went through all the stages of checks from me before I started playing here regularly. Just learn from your mistakes now.

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