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    Re: Books

    Good evening guys, I have a request to help you. I always like to read some kind of a novel, a story, a story before bedtime, I had a website where there were a lot of books to read, but one day it became paid and now I have to read the news from the Internet. Maybe there are analogues of such sites do not tell me?

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    Re: Books

    Alas, such sites usually need to pay for hosting and very often switch to a paid model. I now know a readanybook site that for quite a long time is free, because there are sponsors who help ordinary people not to pay for books. As far as I know there is quite a lot of literature, but alas, I can’t suggest anything specifically, since I don’t like to read.

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    Re: Books

    I prefer audiobooks for my bedtime. Works as a lullaby for me.

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